5 Must-Have Apps for Managing Business Travel in 2022

Business woman using her phone on a plane

1.3 million people take to the road for a business trip every day in the United States, according to the Global Business Travel Administration. Yet only 30% of companies have some sort of managed travel solution. And without that, many business trips become an impulse rather than the strategic business advantage they could be.

Business travel management apps can change that. In 2022, it will be more important than ever for travel managers to be strategic about not only the types of trips booked, but also the resources spent on them.

Leveraging apps and softwares is one of the best ways for travel managers to get a handle on every aspect of a trip from take off to touch down and report on the successes of those trips.

Simplify your business travel management in 2022 with these five apps that together cover every step of business travel planning:

1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner app on phone

Business travelers account for 12% of airline passengers.

Yet, it can be difficult for travel managers to effectively find and book flights. They must find flight times that will appeal to their travelers and book prices that won’t break their already over-extended budget. A flight metasearch tool like Skyscanner can help travel managers do both.

For trips with set dates, travel managers can search for the best prices across airlines. Skyscanner can even combine flights from different airlines, showing travel managers competitive prices for flights to and from traveler destinations.

If trips don’t have a set date, travel managers can utilize a flight fare calendar to find the most cost-effective flights for their travelers. What’s more, travel managers can also sort by fare type and include nearby airports to please even their pickiest business travelers.

Features Travel Managers Will Love:

  • Flight fare calendar to quickly find the cheapest flights
  • Advanced filtering to identify different airlines and fare types including economy, business, and first class

Search all airports near the destination to find the most time and cost effective flights

2. Spendesk

Spendesk app on phone

One of the most stressful responsibilities for any travel manager is spend management. Companies spend as much as $949 on the average domestic business trip. Multiply that by the number of employees a company has on the road, and travel managers are looking at a massive budget that could easily expand.

Spendesk’s all-in-one spending solution keeps business travel expenses in the hands of travel managers. This finances-first tool enables travel managers to implement spending limits, manage reimbursements, and even issue employees virtual cards so all spending is tied to a single account. With all transaction histories in the same place, travel managers can identify where spend leakage most often occurs and put plans in place to come in at or below budget for every trip.

Features Travel Managers Will Love:

  • Set spending limits for teams or individuals, and track those expenditures in real-time
  • Issue virtual cards to employees so they can book their trips under the oversight of a travel manager
    Reimburse employee expenses without traditional paperwork

3. Mindtree’s Digital Health Passport

Mindtree Digital Health Passport on phone

As more countries, including the U.S., open borders to only fully vaccinated international travelers, ensuring that traveling employees are complying with changing country-specific regulations can be an enormous headache. That’s why Mindtree launched a digital health passport where employees can learn about new regulations, find COVID-19 resources and store all of their health records and travel documents in a single platform.

This new solution is compatible with boarding gate readers, check-in kiosks, border management systems, e-gates, and standalone identity desktops, not to mention easily integrated into existing digital health travel platforms.

In addition to airlines, hotels, cruise lines, airports, government agencies and car rental firms, the solution can also be used by companies to monitor and manage workplace safety when offices reopen.

Features Travel Managers Will Love:

  • Plug-and-play solution, saving your organization a lot of platform adoption and implementation time.
  • Built-in, real-time responsiveness to the shifting travel requirements.

4. Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine app on phone

Corporate booking tools and end-to-end expense reporting co-exist within Hotel Engine’s travel management solution. Say goodbye to having your business lodging data scattered across several different email accounts or spreadsheets. With Hotel Engine, you can book rooms from more than 700,000 of the best hotels at the best rates and consolidate lodging T&E data in easy-to-use reports.

Hotel Engine also utilizes industry experts for group bookings, so you’ll always have in your corner the travel industry’s most knowledgeable professionals. And unlike other travel management solutions, Hotel Engine also has their own built-in rewards program, HE Rewards, which allows your business and travelers to input their own hotel loyalty programs on top of gaining HE Rewards points to double their savings.

You can sign up for a free account here!

Features Travel Managers Will Love:

  • Sort, filter, and personalize hotels based on several criteria, including price and savings
  • Personalize your dashboard to track hotel stays, savings, and billing
  • Have Hotel Engine cover your team’s incidentals upfront and get one streamlined bill for incurred charges at the end of the month
  • Retain oversight over your organization’s travel activity
  • group booking support

5. Divvy

divvy take

One of the biggest fears of any travel manager is going over budget. Though Divvy isn’t expressly for travel managers, it does offer proven expense management features that’ll keep every booking in budget. Within Divvy, you can create lines of credit and set spending limits for each employee, allowing business travelers to manage their own trips without also ceding control of your budget.

Not only can you streamline spend, you can also finally get a handle on your expenses. Every time a traveler swipes their card, the charge will automatically appear in Divvy, ready to be catalogued. You can also assign budgets to each traveler, making it impossible for them to expense now and ask for wiggle room later.

Features Travel Managers Will Love:

  • Create lines of credit for each traveler so they can manage their own trips
  • Implement spending limits so you’re always in budget
    Track T&E in real-time

Businesses are expected to spend $842 billion on travel in 2021. Though this figure doesn’t top pre-COVID business travel spend, it still represents a massive amount of resources travel managers are responsible for—many of which are completely unmanaged.

No matter the size of the company or the number of business travelers you have on the road, in 2021 paper receipts and spreadsheets just won’t cut it. Elevate your expense management with a software solution, or take things one step further with Hotel Engine’s complete hotel booking and expense management platform.

Wherever business takes your travelers in 2022, be sure you keep track of their activities every step of the way. Travel management apps can take that burden off of you, leaving you free to create an even better T&E program for your business.