Combining business trips with a bit of fun in your free time is the newest trend in travel. While traveling for work is something people have done for centuries, today’s generations want to optimize their schedule and enjoy life, too.

Enter bleisure travel. It’s traveling that mixes business and leisure seamlessly.

Some destinations are known for their bustling business clientele, such as Denver and Atlanta. If you’re heading to cities like these, it’ll be a cinch to start practicing your bleisure living.

No two cities are the same, so there will be something unique to do everywhere you go. However, you can use your favorite activities to narrow down possible experiences.

In this guide, we’ve taken three of the top business destinations and broken them down by our favorite bleisure recommendations. Reading through them will give you ideas of how to enjoy any area your job sends you.

The next time you head to any of these places, make sure to hit these scenes.


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