Business Trip iPhone Apps: The Ultimate Guide to Business Apps


Do you remember what business trips were like before you had an iPhone? Yeah, I’ve blocked those memories out too. Today, an iPhone is nearly as essential as a toothbrush for business travelers. Here are 13 iPhone apps you don’t want to hit the road without.


How many times have you waited for a taxi that didn’t show? Or found out only when you reached your destination that the taxi wouldn’t accept credit cards? Uber, a web-based service that connects drivers and passengers, takes all of the pain out of urban transportation. Just tap a button to request a car in your price range and a nearby driver will be there in minutes. Best of all, the ride is charge directly to your credit card, so no cash is required. Uber is currently available in more than 70 cities in the United States and nearly 40 countries worldwide. Free.


This app lets you keep unwanted pics out of your colleagues hands, because nothing is worse than the embarrassment of an overswipe. Select the photos you want and nothing more. It’s that simple. Next time you hand your boss your phone, do so with confidence.

Taxi Magic

If you’re traveling to a city that doesn’t yet have Uber (fortunately, a shrinking list), Taxi Magic can connect you with a ride from a local taxi provider. No more standing on the corner waving at any car with lights on top. With Taxi Magic, you can book a cab, get a fare estimate, pay with your phone, and get an electronic receipt. Free.


After you’ve parked the rental car, you don’t want to forget where you left it! With iCarPark, you can keep track of the location of the garage, the location of your car within the garage, and even how long you’ve been parked there. Free.

TripIt for Teams

You’re probably already using TripIt for personal trips to store your itineraries, reservation details, and more. TripIt for Teams takes it up a notch by allowing you to coordinate with your coworkers and view everyone’s schedule on a shared travel calendar. It also tracks business expenses so you can monitor how much your employees are spending. Subscription pricing.

Gate Guru

What’s more annoying than running to catch a plane only to find that your gate has changed? Nothing, that’s what. Gate Guru keeps you updated on what’s happening with your flight, as well as provides security checkpoint wait times and even info about airport restaurants and lounges. Free.


This brilliant new app helps you prep for business meetings and better remember the people you met. Refresh aggregates social data to provide photos and information about people so you can prepare to meet them, and you can store your impressions so you can refresh your memory in the future. As the company says, this app “gives you the insights you need to make the most out of every conversation.” Free.


You aren’t still carrying around paper documents, are you? With ACT Printer, you can transfer all of your documents from your computer to your iPhone. Use it for your meeting documents (which you can later print onsite if necessary), and especially for your travel documents, like e-tickets and boarding passes. $2.99.


Tracking expenses and submitting reports hardly gets easier than this. With Concur, you can track, save, and submit your expense reports all from your iPhone. The faster you submit, the faster you get your money back. Free.

The Converted

There are plenty of currency converters out there, but The Converted also includes all Imperial-metric conversions. An especially nice feature is that you drag a converter bar, rather than having to input numbers. $2.99.

Google Translate

A must-have for overseas travelers, Google Translate currently supports 80 languages and will work on anything from individual words to entire documents. Free.

Award Wallet

As a business traveler, you probably have more loyalty cards than you know what to do with. Award Wallet is a convenient app for storing all of your passwords, numbers, and loyalty points in one place. It even notifies you when rewards are about to expire. Free.

City Maps 2Go Offline Maps

Maps and directions can eat up your data plan, and what happens when you can’t connect to wi-fi? City Maps 2Go provides downloadable offline city maps, with locations of important attractions as well as restaurants and bars included. Free for limited downloads.

Wi-Fi Finder

You need wi-fi and now you can always find it. Wi-fi Finder is free.