Essential Apps for Business Travelers (Part 2)


If the recent United Airlines debacle has taught us anything, it’s that a smartphone is an essential tool for anyone traveling by air. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, certain apps can make or break the ease of your plans. That’s why Hotel Engine offers a free app for iOS and Android to make on-the-go travel management easy. So, aside from a good camera, what other apps for business travelers are useful when you’re en route to your destination?

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most useful apps out there, period. If you have a smartphone, access to a 4G network, and Google Maps, you might never get lost again. Business travel is made easier with its tools to plan your commute route long in advance. You can also discover places to visit, eat, drink, or catch a show, too.

The ability to get turn-by-turn directions is eminently useful, and the average travel times are more realistic than they used to be.

Available on Android and iOS.

FlightView Flight Tracker

FlightView Flight Tracker should be your go-to for managing flights. As the name suggests, this app allows you to track public flight times, delays, routes, and more. Enter a flight number and it will also tell you the gate and terminal, with options to receive alerts on weather and possible delays.

A $1 standard version and $4 elite version are available on Android and iOS.


For any messaging, calling or video chatting needs, this app has an advantage in keeping you connected with minimal data use. Whether you’re reaching colleagues or family, the ability to keep in touch can make quite a difference to your productivity and morale. WhatsApp has quickly eclipsed all other communications apps thanks to its ease of use and reliability.

Whether you’re collaborating on a project or keeping in touch with family, WhatsApp goes a long way to making time away from home or the office more bearable.

Available for all platforms.

Uber or Lyft

Now that Uber and Lyft have garnered a more international presence, you can use either in multiple countries around the world with ease. Getting around by car is now faster, simpler, and cheaper than before, and it’s all controlled with a smartphone app. Whether you’re looking for airport transfers, a ride to work, or a general way to get around, there is no doubt a car transportation apps have changed everything.

The apps are easy to use. Simply register, set up your credit card payment, enable GPS on your phone, and the rest is simple.

Available on Android and iOS.


One serious downside of business travel is tracking expenses, but Expensify makes it easy. If your firm runs a compatible system, all you need to do is take a picture of the receipt, upload it to the app, and it creates an expense claim either individually or as part of an overall expense report. Create claims for everything and anything while providing a full audit trail just by taking pictures.

Your employer will need an Expensify business plan, but at only $5 a month, it won’t break the bank.

Available for Android and iOS.

Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine offers exclusive hotel booking solutions designed for business. Save an average 26% off public rates at more than 150,000 hotels worldwide– for both work and play.

Before or after booking your hotel stay, you can view your available rewards points and status from anywhere in the world, and book last-minute deals. You can see what’s available tonight with one click from the dashboard. All bookable rooms near your current location can be found here.

And if you’re in charge of reporting, you can use the same admin tools that are in the desktop version. Edit team members, departments, custom fields, all while being able to view clear reports on spending and saving trends.

To sum up this awesome app, it allows users to view the full inventory of our hotels, manage bookings on the go, earn and save with HE Rewards, and oversee an entire team’s travel itinerary.

Available on Google Play and iOS.

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