How can I register my business?

To register your business, click here, and fill out the required fields. A Hotel Engine representative will be in touch with you within one business day to verify your business and help setup your account.

Can I register as an individual traveler?

No. Hotel Engine is a business-only platform, but if your workplace registers as a business, they can invite you to join their account.

What hotel chains can I book on Hotel Engine?

We offer rooms at major hotel chains, and we’re constantly adding new boutique hotels to our corporate travel program.

Can I keep my rewards points when I book through Hotel Engine?

This depends on the hotel chain. Our goal is to allow you to earn points on every booking, but some hotel chains do not allow third party bookings to keep points. We suggest calling the hotel to ask if they would accept your rewards number. In many cases, they will.

How much does it cost my company to join Hotel Engine’s travel management program?

Our program is free. No annual fees. No agent assist fees.

Can I book outside of the United States and Canada?

Yes. We offer exclusive rates at hotels of all types - from budget-friendly inns and popular hotel brands to luxury retreats - in nearly every country in the world.

Do I have to pay for the hotel room immediately?

For those not enrolled in our Direct Bill program, you will need to pay for the hotel room upon booking.

Do your totals include taxes and fees?

Yes, Hotel Engine shows all known taxes and fees upon check-out.

What is the cancellation policy?

Hotel Engine will not charge you for cancellations. However, the hotel may charge you a fee per their cancellation policy. Individual hotel policies are displayed during the booking process. You can also find the cancellation policy information in the Important Information section of your confirmation page.

How do I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your room online, by calling us at 855-567-4683, or email support@hotelengine.com. If you miss the cancellation date, please contact a Hotel Engine representative and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I add rooms to my hotel reservation?

You cannot add rooms to your current reservation. If you need additional rooms, simply book a new reservation at the same hotel.

Why can’t I add more than two people to a room?

Our rates are based on double occupancy and your hotel room is guaranteed to sleep up to two people. Additional guests may incur additional charges, based on the hotel’s policies. If you wish to add more people to your reservation, we suggest you call the hotel directly to make sure you are within their policy guidelines.

Contacting a Hotel Engine Travel Concierge

Who should I contact if I have an issue with my reservation?

Call us at 855-567-4683 or email us at support@hotelengine.com.

Travel Program Setup

How long does it take to setup my travel program?

It takes seconds to apply and one business day or less to get approved. Once approved, you can save instantly and set up your entire travel program within 15 minutes. Setup time is dependant on the size of your organization, and the number of restrictions you setup.

As a travel arranger, will I automatically receive an email confirmation of the traveler’s trip?

Yes, as long as the traveler has designated you as an arranger. The traveler will also receive the itinerary.

How does the approval process work?

When a traveler attempts to book a hotel outside of their restrictions, the travel arranger or manager will receive an email with a link to overrided restrictions for the next 24 hours. If the manager clicks this link, it will lift the restrictions and the traveler will be able to book their hotel.