Feature Overview

Hotel Loyalty Program

Enter your hotel loyalty program numbers and accrue points on select hotels and select rooms, all while continuing to earn HE Reward points on every booking.

Filter and search results

You can now filter your search results to only show rooms that are ‘Loyalty Eligibleʼ. You will see which hotels are ‘Hotel Loyalty Programʼ eligible by the relevant purple badge along with the corresponding loyalty program.

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Selecting a room

Once youʼve selected a hotel, you can see which rooms are eligible for the ‘Hotel Loyalty Programʼ by identifying the corresponding purple icon on the room card. You can also choose to view 'Hotel loyalty eligible rooms only' by selecting the checkbox below the check-in and check-out dates.

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Add and save program numbers

Once you’re finalizing your booking, an “Add Loyalty Program Number” link will display, allowing you to input your relevant program number. You can also add and save any HE supported hotel loyalty program in your settings for a faster checkout process in the future

Made possible by our strategic brand partners

We have partnered with 15 hotel loyalty programs to allow you to enter and earn loyalty points when booking on the Hotel Engine Platform. Add, edit, and save your program numbers in your settings for a clean and simple checkout process.

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No extra cost

Hotel Engine is the only contract-free, and free-to-access hotel booking and management platform that allows you to accrue points towards 3rd-party hotel loyalty programs, all while continuing to earn HE Reward Points.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. You might have lots of questions about this new feature. We've compiled everything into the handy Hotel Loyalty Program FAQ document. Click below to learn more.

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