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Increase bookings

When you partner with Hotel Engine, you gain direct access to one of the fastest growing networks in the world. Our site offers a unique opportunity for you to sell more hotel rooms to more travelers.

No subscription fees

Join our site for free and only pay commissions on your hotels sales. Never pay fees for placement for added exposure on our site.

Reach new customers

Since we're members only, we can tailor our site to match the exact needs of our travelers. The result for you is that your hotel isn’t lost among hundreds of results. When you partner with us, you're guaranteed to receive priority placement in our search results.

Protect margin

Our partner program was designed to offer hotels a cost-effective solution for selling more hotels. All of our partners receive additional exposure on our site from day one.

Commission or Merchant model

Whether you prefer to collect payments at the time of check-in or at the time of booking the hotel, we are here to work with you.

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Registration is 100% free and is based on one of three simple partner levels designed to increase exposure to your hotel.

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