Hotel Partners

Reach more travelers, book more rooms.

Hotel Engine is trusted by the world’s top hotel brands, who get the opportunity to connect with our vetted, closed network of business and leisure travelers. Want to join? Click below to apply. 

Hotel Partners

Reach more travelers, book more rooms.

Hotel Engine is trusted by the world’s top hotel brands, who get the opportunity to connect with our vetted, closed network of business and leisure travelers. Want to join? Click below to apply.
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Trusted by over 40,000 businesses and more than 700,000 travelers

Our membership is growing by over 17,000 new users every month, and we're just getting started. 


Join leading hotel brands like these

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Direct bookings

With Hotel Engine you can set up a commission-free, direct rate for travelers to access, leaving more margin in your pockets. Get in touch to learn more. 

A closed network of business travelers

Hotel Engine’s member base is made up of verified business professionals looking for the best in business lodging. 

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Government, groups and extended stays

Our dedicated Groups team connects our partners with group trips and extended stays to drive additional value their way.

Fill the gaps with leisure travelers

Our Perks program is used by hundreds of enterprise businesses, allowing their employees to use the Hotel Engine platform for their leisure travel. 

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Preferred Lodging Partner

Find out how you can partner with us and win more corporate, government and group business for your property. 

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Frequently asked questions

Did you know that approximately 70% of corporate travel stays are booked directly by the traveler, not in a managed travel program? While we have enterprise clients as well, Hotel Engine specializes in providing industry-leading tools and analytics to these unmanaged corporate travelers. Our customer base of 700,000+ individual accounts is growing by over 17,000 members per month, includes international markets like the UK, Canada, and Australia, and spans industries from state government, financial services, construction and logistics, energy, health care staffing and business services.

In turn, our partners gain exclusive access to a diverse, global, and growing network of unmanaged travelers. Plus, we have a dedicated Groups team that connects customers in need of group lodging or extended stays with hotels within our partner network.

Hotel Engine uses the Global Distribution System (GDS) to make and deliver reservations into the hotel’s property management system (PCS), unless otherwise specified by our team. Hotel Engine will provide a virtual credit card and credit authorization for each reservation, helping your property to get paid quickly. All our payment processes comply with current PCI regulations. Hotel Engine keeps a small percentage of each room night booked on our platform as payment.

Hotel Engine travelers come from diverse industries. Our customers can book short-term transient stays, extended stays (28+ nights), group stays, short-term projects and leisure stays on our platform. We provide our partners with tools to craft strategies that will help fill your property’s unique needs. Hotel Engine partner hotels get nearly 40% more contracts than non-partners, and twice as many total room nights than non-partners, averaging 125 total room nights a year.

Hotel Engine has partnerships with most major hotel chains in the US and around the globe, and is expanding our direct relationships at the corporate level daily. As a corporate travel provider, we can negotiate rates with any hotel that desires to grow its corporate customer base. To date, we have more than 700,000 lodging partners on Hotel Engine through a direct connection on our platform or an indirect connection with a third-party supplier. Speak with our Hotel Partnership Team to discuss your corporate rate structure and opportunities to better tailor your rate to market needs. 

Our hotel partners see several benefits when they decide to create a direct relationship with us. The primary benefit is unlocking our closed network of vetted business travelers, and using our platform to create a direct booking connection to your property, all without a commission. Properties with a Silver Level discount or above have access to our Groups team,who connect them with new group and extended stay opportunities. Also, with a direct relationship you can connect your hotel’s loyalty program to our platform, helping to drive additional leisure travel and brand allegiance.  


And since we are a closed platform, you don’t have to worry about parity issues or your rates becoming available to travelers outside of Hotel Engine.  


Talk to our Hotel Partnership Team today to see how we can help drive more travelers to your property. You can get in touch by emailing us at: [email protected].