Enhancing property visibility with Property Spotlight on Partner Hub

Kaela Shupe
May 5, 2024

Are you looking to boost your hotel's visibility and increase bookings? Enter Property Spotlight, a dynamic feature of Hotel Engine designed to elevate your property above the competition and directly in front of business travelers. 

Why Property Spotlight?

Property Spotlight ensures your hotel listing appears at the top of search results on the Hotel Engine members' platform. With over 700,000 brand-agnostic business travelers actively searching, being the first property they see can significantly increase your exposure. Imagine the impact of having your hotel front and center when potential guests search in your market area—more visibility means more bookings.

The competitive edge

Data reveals that properties holding the top spot in search results can experience a substantial increase in bookings, with top-ranked properties on Hotel Engine seeing up to 24% more bookings than those ranked next. Moreover, securing the number one spot can boost your search-to-book ratio by four times compared to lower-ranked properties. This isn’t just about visibility; it’s about converting views into bookings effectively. Hotel Engine only allows one property to launch Property Spotlight per market.

Cost-effective marketing

What makes Partner Hub’s Property Spotlight especially appealing is its pay-per-performance model. You pay only per click, which means every dollar you spend is directly tied to potential customer engagement. This low-risk investment allows for flexible spending and an impressive return on investment, as your ads continue to run as long as you have funds in your property wallet.

Ease of use

Getting started with Property Spotlight is straightforward. Set up your property wallet, select a budget that suits your financial strategy, and you're ready to go. The funds in your wallet automatically renew each month, ensuring your ads are always active. You can monitor the performance of your campaigns and track ROI through the Partner Hub’s Analytics tab, providing you with valuable insights to tweak your strategies for even better results.

Ready to boost your bookings?

Using Partner Hub’s Property Spotlight is an excellent strategy for any hotel looking to increase its market presence and attract more business travelers. With its top-of-search placement, performance-based pricing, and user-friendly interface, Property Spotlight offers a powerful tool for hotels to enhance their visibility and drive bookings.

By investing in Partner Hub and Property Spotlight, you're not just advertising; you're ensuring your hotel stands out in a crowded marketplace. Ready to see your property soar to new heights? Activate Property Spotlight on Partner Hub today and unlock the full potential of your hotel business.

Article written by
Kaela Shupe

In her role at Hotel Engine, Kaela's focus in marketing revolves around enhancing the company's online presence through targeted digital strategies. Her expertise plays a crucial role in improving user experience. Kaela's approach combines analytical skills and creative insights, consistently delivering growth and heightened customer satisfaction.

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