Maximizing midweek bookings: Strategies to book more business travelers at your property

Kaela Shupe
May 7, 2024

Looking to boost your midweek bookings? Here’s how to make your hotel the go-to spot for business travelers from Sunday to Thursday. It's all about understanding a business traveler’s needs and making their stay as convenient and efficient as possible.

Business-ready amenities

Business travelers look for hotels that cater specifically to their needs. Think about what makes a business trip smoother: high-speed internet, ample power outlets, and perhaps a well-equipped business center are necessary. Consider offering services like express check-in or a shuttle to nearby business districts to stand out.

Effective marketing strategies

Tailoring your marketing messages can significantly increase your visibility among business travelers. Hotel Engine’s Partner Hub offers three unique marketing strategies - Property Spotlight, 2X Rewards, and HE Deals- to get in front of your ideal travelers immediately. Whether it’s building brand loyalty, gaining more visibility that converts to bookings, or increasing revenue by filling vacant rooms during off-peak periods, choosing one of Partner Hub’s marketing campaigns gives you better insight into your return on ad spend while targeting the right audience.

Rewarding loyalty programs

Who doesn't love perks? Setting up rewards for frequent business travelers can keep your hotel top of mind. Offer benefits that really matter to them, like late check-out options or points towards free stays. Make sure they know that the more they stay, the more they gain. Plus, you can add a 2X Rewards campaign to your listing on Partner Hub. 2X Rewards places a blue badge on your listing and informs travelers that they can “double dip” on rewards at your property by receiving both brand loyalty points and Hotel Engine points they can use toward savings for future bookings.

Building corporate relationships

This is where your property’s relationship with Hotel Engine’s Partner Hub can flourish. Not only do you have access to a private platform that grows by 17,000 new business travelers per month, but you can also offer a dynamic direct rate so you always have visibility to your offerings. Hotel Engine is commission-free. And the best part? There are no contracts or minimum spends, and getting signed up is free! 

Online presence optimization

Your hotel pops up when business travelers search online for places to stay. Keep your website and online listings up-to-date with your business-friendly services. Encourage your happy guests to leave positive reviews to boost your online reputation.

Dynamic pricing models

Price can be a dealbreaker. With dynamic pricing, you can offer the best rates when demand is low, attracting more business travelers during the week. You’ll have access to an expert Account Manager who can help you understand your analytics in Partner Hub’s platform to see how you’re stacking up against your competitors. You'll have everything you need to know, from room night production to average daily rate and more, at your fingertips.

Hosting professional events

Imagine your hotel as not just a place to stay but a hub for professional gatherings. Hosting events, workshops, or even casual networking evenings can make your property an attractive option for those looking to mix business with pleasure.

Focusing on these strategies not only meets the practical needs of business travelers but also makes them feel valued and understood, which is exactly what we all want when we’re on the road.

Navigating Group Bookings with Partner Hub on Hotel Engine

Managing group bookings efficiently is a game-changer for hotels looking to optimize occupancy and revenue. With Hotel Engine’s Partner Hub, you're equipped with a powerful tool that not only streamlines the reservation process but also provides critical insights into your competitive landscape. Here’s how you can leverage Partner Hub to master group bookings.

Centralized management

Partner Hub simplifies the management of group bookings by centralizing all necessary actions in one intuitive platform. From here, you can confirm room availability, manage reservation details, and ensure that all guest accommodations are aligned with their needs. This centralized approach reduces errors and saves time, making the booking process smoother for your property and business travelers.

Competitive analysis and strategic bidding

One of the standout features of Partner Hub is its ability to provide real-time insights into how many other properties are bidding on the same proposal. This visibility lets you strategically position your bids and adjust your offers based on the competitive landscape. Knowing the number of days you have to bid and the number of competitors, you face is crucial for crafting winning proposals that stand out.

Tracking wins and losses

Tracking your wins and losses is vital for refining your group booking strategy. Partner Hub offers detailed analytics that helps you understand which strategies are working and which aren’t. This feature enables you to continuously improve your bidding process and pricing strategy, ultimately helping you win more group bookings.

Keywords and SEO

Outside of Partner Hub, it’s important to enhance your visibility on search engines and attract more group booking inquiries, it's important to optimize your content with relevant keywords. Use terms such as "group booking management," "hotel group rates," and "corporate booking solutions." These keywords will help your property appear in planners and travel managers searching for group accommodation options.

Enhancing guest experience

Beyond logistics, ensuring a superior guest experience for group bookings can set your property apart. With Partner Hub, you can tailor guest experiences based on the group’s preferences and history, from customized welcome packages to personalized room configurations.

Real-time updates and communication

Stay informed and keep your team aligned with real-time updates. Partner Hub allows for seamless communication within your team, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding group booking statuses and any last-minute changes.

By leveraging the robust features of Hotel Engine’s Partner Hub, your hotel can enhance its group booking strategy, improve operational efficiencies, and increase overall profitability. The platform's insights help you understand your market position and empower you to make informed decisions that drive success.

Article written by
Kaela Shupe

In her role at Hotel Engine, Kaela's focus in marketing revolves around enhancing the company's online presence through targeted digital strategies. Her expertise plays a crucial role in improving user experience. Kaela's approach combines analytical skills and creative insights, consistently delivering growth and heightened customer satisfaction.

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