Pay for Hotels Your Way with Hotel Engine Direct Bill


The year is 2019, and you’ve been tasked with booking corporate and workforce travel for your company.  But here are the problems you face: You don’t want to give out your credit card to a bunch of hotels and booking sites, and you want to keep your travelers as close to their job for the duration of the trip as you can. You have a direct bill set up with a specific hotel chain, but there are no hotels in the area under that umbrella. 

Hotel Engine Direct Bill

Enter your solution: Hotel Engine Direct Bill. With qualifying credit, you can empower all of your users with a smooth-running payment process for all reservations. Our Direct Bill is brand-agnostic, giving you the freedom to book at any one of the 200,000+ properties on our platform, while keeping your travelers as close as possible to their projects or destinations.

With Hotel Engine Direct Bill, you can also streamline the reconciliation process and have customized invoices for all of your travelers. Gone are the days of chasing after receipts from traveling employees or depending on them to enter their appropriate expenses for reimbursement.

Our customizable invoices give you all the necessary data and allow you to use specific terminology that might be unique to your business. For example: A construction company may need to include a custom field on their reservations that outlines the “job number” or “project code.” That information from each reservation will then also populate on the invoice.

The terms and payment options for Direct Bill are flexible as well! When you receive your bill on the first of the month, you will have a few options for payment — credit card (if you want to keep accruing those valuable miles or points), ACH or wire transfer, or check. The payment method is established at the beginning, but members can always let us know if they need to change it or update any information.

It’s 2019, and you shouldn’t have to be stuck in the same way that you booked business travel in the ‘90s. Take back control of your reservations, reporting, and payments.

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This article was written by Aaron Shields, Sales Manager at Hotel Engine.