Hotel Engine Subprocessor Information

The list of subprocessors used by Hotel Engine to process customer personal data in connection with its business operations and delivery of service. Not all subprocessors below are used in services offered by Hotel Engine. Some subprocessors are used for the provisioning of services or for business support.

Hosting Services

NameSummary of ServicesLocation
Amazon Web Services Inc.Cloud Service Provider, XAASUnited States
HerokuPlatform as a Service United States
WP EngineHostingUnited States
Microsoft 365 Document hosting United States

Code Respository & CI/CD Platform

NameSummary of ServicesLocation
GitHubCI/CD platformUnited States

Monitoring & Data Analytics

NameSummary of ServicesLocation
LogrocketMonitoringUnited States
DatadogMonitoringUnited States
Sentry Application Monitoring United States
AWS Cloudwatch MonitoringUnited States
HeapData Analytics United States
AmplitudeData AnalyticsUnited States
LookerData AnalyticsUnited States
SaucelabsQA TestingUnited States
TestrailQA TestingUnited States
Google AnalyticsAnalyticsUnited States
AB TastyAnalyticsUnited States
BarracudaEmail Security monitoringUnited states
Microsoft SentinelSecurity MonitoringUnited States

Custom Support & Communication

NameSummary of ServicesLocation
VonageCloud CommunicationUnited States
Postal.ioMarketing Automation United States
HubSpotCRMUnited States
CallRailCommunication United States
HotjarCommunicationUnited States
SendgridCommunicationUnited States
Zero BounceCommunicationUnited States
TwilioCommunicationUnited States
CourierCommuicationUnited States
Collective Solutions (BPO)Customer SupportPhilippines

Custom Engagement & Sales Operation

NameSummary of ServicesLocation
BlueshiftEngagementUnited States
SalesforceCRMUnited States
SEMrushSEO United States
TypeformEngagementUnited States
Meltwater Customer Insight United States
ZoominfoCRM SystemUnited States
SertifiAgreement and Authorization PlatformUnited States

Invoicing & Payment Processing

NameSummary of ServicesLocation
StripePaymentUnited States
SpreedlyPayment United States
NetsuiteAccountingUnited States
PlaidPayment United States

Human Resources

NameSummary of ServicesLocation
Paycom HR and PayrollUnited States
GreenhouseRecruitment Platform United States
LatticeHR Performance ManagementUnited States