Are You a Traveling Nurse Looking for Extended Stay Hotel Deals?


As a traveling nurse, being happy with where you live during your assignments is crucial.

In fact, according to healthcare professional networking site BluePipes, travel nurses name housing as the most important part of their pay package.

Often, you can choose to stay in the corporate housing provided by your company or receive a housing stipend and find your own space with a short-term lease.

Understandably, you would like a nice, safe place that you can make home (at least temporarily), located not too far from the hospital where you are working.

Clean goes without saying, especially since you’re a traveling healthcare worker during the pandemic.

And of course, if you are securing your housing on your own, you want it to be affordable.

Table of Contents

1. Popular Travel Nurse Housing Options
2. Extended Stay Hotel Options
3. Extended Stay Rental Options
4. Where to Find Extended Stay Rentals
5. The Bottom Line

Popular Travel Nurse Housing Options

Ahead, we’ll discuss the various housing options available to traveling nurses. That way, you can make your own decision about how to find great housing that suits your needs.

What you ultimately decide will likely depend on your assignment (a standard 13-week travel nurse contract or longer locum tenens travel nursing assignments) and your personal preferences.

Extended Stay Hotel Options

Silver suitcase on hotel bed

Can you really stay in a hotel throughout the duration of your assignment? You bet you can. And with resources like Hotel Engine, it’s never been easier.

So why would you want to stay in a hotel for anything other than a vacation?

Well, think about all of the convenience a hotel offers:

  • You’ll get to enjoy your own private and stylish space in a room
  • Hotel rooms are designed to drown out the sounds of neighbors (apartment dwellers can’t usually say that!)
  • Plus, you can make use of possible perks, like free breakfast and daily housekeeping.

For a busy nurse on the go, it sounds ideal.

Are Hotels Right for Me?

Most adults do not like the feeling of “living out of a suitcase.” However, with the prevalence of traveling nurses opting to stay in hotels, these lodgings are becoming more extended-stay friendly.

Similar to apartments, you have lots of different types of room options when booking an extended stay hotel.

The most common types include:

  • Standard rooms with twin, queen, king, or double-double beds
  • Studios with kitchenettes, one bed, and often a convertible sofa bed
  • Suites, ranging from executive, junior, presidential, and penthouse
  • Apartment hotels with kitchens and laundry facilities in the private space

You can easily find a hotel that helps you settle in quickly while providing all the conveniences you can want at your price point.

All you have to do is start by checking out Hotel Engine.

Find Extended Stay Hotel Deals with Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine is an online accommodation booking system tailored to businesses.

This means it does not cater to vacation goers, unlike many of the above mentions.

It focuses solely on traveling professionals, connecting you to clean, safe, and efficient hotel rooms that are less expensive than you would pay directly.

Hotel Engine Pricing Structure

How is this possible, you ask? Hotel Engine partners with the top hotel chains and negotiates cheaper rates for long-term stays on your behalf.

If it sounds too good to be true, consider this: your long-term stay in a leading hotel ensures the hotel makes money off rooms that may otherwise be vacant.

And as a traveling nurse, you know your job requires you to travel from city to city, no matter the time of year.

It benefits the hotel to have you there as much as it does you!

Hotel Engine Partners

Curious about the properties you can find through Hotel Engine?

Its hotel chain partners include Extended Stay America, Hilton Hotels, Best Western, Drury Hotels, Red Roof, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, and InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG).

That means your housing options range from studios, efficiencies, or one-bedroom accommodations with most of the comforts of home.

Basically, it’s like a vacation rental that combines the comforts of home and the convenience of a hotel.

Expect to find rooms that include a fully-equipped kitchen, standard housewares, wi-fi, fitness center, pool, and other amenities. Traveling with Rover? You can also find pet-friendly lodgings!

And let’s not forget its standard hotel services, like daily or weekly housekeeping and complimentary breakfasts.

What If I Need Help?

Another unique feature that Hotel Engine offers is its stellar customer service.

Its employees are all well versed in corporate travel. Plus, its Denver-based customer service team is available 24/7.

If you need to contact anyone during your stay at one of its properties, you can rest assured that you’re speaking with a knowledgeable person. They understand the strains of life as a travel nurse and can help you no matter the time of day or day of the week.

Hotel Engine Pros:

  • Helps you book lodgings in some of the best hotel chains
  • Get all the perks of staying in a hotel, like amenities and services
  • 700,000 hotels available in thousands of cities across the country and the globe
  • No fees, no fine print
  • Joining the loyalty program means you earn points and save money on future bookings
  • A dedicated, 24/7 customer service team that’s based in the U.S.

Hotel Engine Cons:

  • You stay in a hotel, so may not provide a home-like atmosphere
  • You may stay in a hotel that’s in another part of the city than your hospital

Extended Stay Rental Options

Pillows on hotel bed

As you may already know, there are several platforms to help you secure extended stay properties as a travel nurse.

But what may still surprise is the variety of lodgings options. We’ll discuss those ahead as well as who is the best fit for each.

Apartment Rentals

Apartments are a standard extended stay choice for traveling nurses. After all, their features and amenities are completely customizable. Once you find one that suits your needs, that is!

It’s crucial to note that finding a furnished apartment can take time.

Are Apartments Right for Me?

Apartments have a lot of pros and cons going for them that make them great options for some nurses and not-so-great for others.

You will likely have to pay for all of your utilities (and remember to do so on time!) as a renter. But some places have some if not all utilities included with the cost of monthly rent.

While apartments are convenient choices for most traveling nurses, there are certain facets of apartment living that make them not so hot. For instance, you must abide by the rules of your lease or face eviction.

There are very few (if any) changes you can make to the apartment itself that won’t void your lease agreement. So if style is a big deal for you, hotel chain partners may be your best bet.

Also, you may have neighbors who are overly noisy, keeping you awake when you finally get to bed after a strenuous shift.


Condos are another extended stay option that is somewhat like an apartment and a house. Typically, condos are like apartments in that they’re a unit within a larger residential structure.

They differ in that the residents own the property, like a home. As a traveling nurse, you may appreciate the fact that condos are often fully furnished and include all utilities.

Are Condos Right For Me?

Condos may be right for you if you appreciate walking into your extended stay home and having it all set up for you. Like with apartments though, you may have neighbor issues. And, there is little you’re allowed to customize.

Since they come furnished and with utilities included, they are often priced on par with luxury apartments.


Understandably, traveling nurses want their extended stay to feel like home. And that is a popular option you have when planning for your next assignment.

The homes you stay in while traveling for work are, of course, only temporary residences. This means you must abide by the rules set out by the actual homeowner, like with these other properties.

Are Homes Right for Me?

You may prefer to stay in a home on your work travels if you’re moving with your family, have a lot of possessions, and starting a long-term assignment.

A home will afford you a lot more peace and quiet than apartments and furnished rooms. But they are often more expensive since you’re likely paying for more space, the conveniences of a home, plus maintenance fees.

Where to Find Extended Stay Rentals

Ahead, we’ll discuss popular options for extended stay rentals.

Travelers Haven

Travelers Haven provides temporary housing options for individuals and businesses.

What’s great about its services is that it locates customizable housing that suits your needs, at about 43% less than you would spend on corporate housing.

Travelers Haven Pros:

  • A completely customizable service tailored to your needs
  • Handles every aspect of the housing acquisition process for you
  • All housing is furnished and includes utilities
  • You’ll have your own housing manager
  • U.S.-based support team available 24/7

Travelers Haven Cons:

  • The security deposit amount depends on your credit score (which could be a positive or a negative)
  • Some fees, but these are built into the monthly rent


Airbnb is a popular option for short-term housing, although it’s mainly associated with vacation rentals. Overall, it’s a temporary housing site with a simple platform that is easy for first-time users to navigate.

Airbnb Pros:

  • Easy to use search engine
  • Lots of properties available worldwide
  • A range of property types and prices to suit your budget

Airbnb Cons:

  • You can’t be certain that what you see is what you get
  • Property owners can impose fees as they see fit
  • Hidden fees may be imposed on hosts and guests alike
  • Can take more time than you have to comb through listings

Furnished Finder

Furnished Finder, along with its sister site, Travel Nurse Housing, is a housing platform that specifically serves traveling nurses.

Furnished Finder Pros:

  • It is a travel nurse agency, so understands your needs
  • Custom lease options
  • Property hosts are thoroughly vetted
  • Available in cities across the country

Furnished Finder Cons:

  • Your stay must be for at least 30 consecutive days
  • Higher fees than most other booking agencies


HomeAway, and its sister site, Vrbo, are other long-term housing platforms for travel nurses. Like Furnished Finder and Airbnb, you can use its platform to secure long-term housing wherever your destination.

HomeAway Pros:

  • Long-term housing in many destination cities
  • Ability to book apartments, houses, and more

HomeAway Cons:

  • Focuses more on host relationships
  • Customer service is not available 24/7
  • May not understand the needs of travel nurses
  • Not just for business travelers, for vacationers, too

Travel Nurses Looking for Extended-Stay Lodging: the Bottom Line

Finding long-term lodging as a traveling nurse can be complicated. In fact, you may be tempted to accept your agency housing solution.

But we’re here to remind you that you have plenty of other options out there.

By securing your own lodgings, you decide on the type of housing, its location, and you can potentially pocket leftover stipend money.

And while we presented you with a few popular choices for travel nurse housing, we think Hotel Engine is absolutely your best bet.

You stay in a room in a well-known hotel chain, for starters.

During your stay, you enjoy all the perks that staying in a hotel presents (room service? Daily or weekly housekeeping? Yes, please!)

Booking with Hotel Engine is the easy way to enjoy access to clean and safe lodgings. It takes away so much of the hassle associated with life on the road.

When you choose this route, you may find that you save money and often end up with better accommodations that are better suited to your needs.

Now, all you have to do is focus on preparing for your assignment.

Sign up for Hotel Engine today and get a rewards bonus to start. You can use your bonus toward booking a hotel for your next assignment or save it for a well-deserved vacation.