10 Corporate Hotel Qualities That Make for Better Long Term Stays

Audrey Fairbrother
December 19, 2022
10 Corporate Hotel Qualities That Make for Better Long Term Stays

Anyone who has ever travelled for business can tell you: there’s no place like home.

And there may never be a perfect substitution for it, either.

So when we ask a member of our staff to stay in a hotel for an extended period of time, we know it’s important to make them as comfortable as possible.

To make certain your long-term travellers have the best of times during their extended stay, look for these ten special qualities when you book your next corporate hotel.

10 features of the most comfortable corporate hotels

1. The bare essentials

Comfortable bed? Tick. En-suite bathroom? Tick. Smart TV with all of the usual channels? Tick. Does the room feel clean upon entering it? An all-important tick. Good corporate hotels provide all of these things as standard, but the best corporate hotels do that and then some.

By booking with vetted corporate hotel partners, you can ensure every long-term accommodation meets a standard that communicates your respect for your employee.

2. A thoughtful location

Your employees may be travelling quite a distance to be close to this temporary workplace; don’t lumber them with a long daily commute.

Look for a corporate hotel that is a short drive, easy train or quick bus ride from where they need to go each day.

It’s a bonus if it’s easy to get to from the airport — assuming your staffer is flying in.

3. An accessible workspace

If your employee is working at a client location, or likely pulling late hours, having a workspace at their hotel may come in handy.

An ergonomic, in-room workstation with a fast Wi-Fi connection and plenty of plug sockets is obviously ideal — but you might also consider a corporate hotel that offers a dedicated, communal business centre (with convenient hours), where employees can get online, print, fax or photocopy as required.

Hotel Lobby Coworking Space

4. Self-catering facilities

Self-catering facilities are a great idea for extended stays at corporate hotels.

Rooms should always have tea- and coffee-making options. A mini fridge is also useful for storing fresh (rather than UHT) milk.

If your budget stretches to it, an in-room kitchen or kitchenette is a great way to keep your travelling personnel comfortable. Having somewhere to make a quick breakfast or tea can make a place feel much more homely. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home!

5. Accessible dining options

Imagine you were asked to travel for two weeks for work, and only had one restaurant option for dinner each evening. Within just a few days, you’d probably have worked your way through the entire menu!

If you’re sending your employee to a remote location, you may have little choice. But wherever possible, look for a corporate hotel with a broad range of options for breakfast and dinner — either within the hotel itself or in the surrounding area.

Ensure there are healthy, nutritious options available, and keep in mind whether your staffer is likely to have transportation. It’s also helpful to consider whether the local restaurants have vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or dairy free options — in case your employee has specific dietary requirements.

6. Laundry services

For extended stays, laundry services are a must.

Look for a corporate hotel that provides an in-room washer and drying rack, on-site launderette or a paid-for laundry service, so team members can easily wash and dry their clothes. If a hotel provides the latter, check for prices. Some laundry services end up being very expensive if they’re used throughout an extended stay — and you don’t want surprises on your company’s travel budget.

Hotel Laundry Services

7. Room service

Though far from critical, room service can be a lifesaver after a long day at work — and make a business trip feel more fun. Many corporate hotels with attached restaurants have room service options, so be sure to look into that when you’re booking. Make sure to communicate to your traveller any applicable per-diem policies, though!

8. Great amenities

Another great way to prevent employee burnout is to pick a corporate hotel with great amenities.

Just like at home, employees need to enjoy their downtime if they’re to head to work feeling recharged and raring to go the following day. That means ensuring there’s stuff for your team members to do outside of work hours, so they’re not spending every evening stuck in their hotel room.

If the weather is likely to be bad at that time of year, look for a hotel with a fitness center, in case they need a way to stretch their legs. A swimming pool, games room or cinema room are also excellent options, if they fall within budget.

9. Great reputation

Another important quality to look for in your next corporate hotel is a great reputation.

Wondering whether your team will get a friendly welcome at the end of a busy day? Or whether hotel staff will go out of their way to provide top drawer customer service?

Want to avoid nasty surprises and make sure the hotel meets your requirements?

Check out the hotel reviews left by past guests to find out how they rate the hotel and the hotel staff. Avoid hotels where guests haven’t received quality service or clean lodgings to make sure you provide your traveller with accommodations likely to be a positive experience.

10. Fur-baby friendly

On very long stays, it can be hard to leave our four-legged friends behind.

If you know you have team members who would like to travel with their pets, do your research to find corporate hotels with an accommodating pet policy. Having a travel buddy on a long trip might be just what your employee needs!

Dog riding in car to hotel

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