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Any trip, any traveler: We make lodging simple

Streamline your business travel

Enjoy exclusive rates, top-tier loyalty rewards, flexible booking options, and award-winning 24/7 support for a seamless travel experience.
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Manage it all

Our suite of time-saving tools transform travel management, offering streamlined billing, effortless budget control with customizable settings, easy group trip coordination, and more.
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Unlock savings, streamline stays

Centralize your lodging operations using our suite of free tools for streamlined invoicing, detailed reconciliation services, and a comprehensive analysis of spending trends.
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Navigate group travel with ease

Effortlessly plan your group trips with curated options, discounted rates, streamlined billing, dedicated expert service, 24/7 support, and access to top hotel brands.
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Trusted by over 40k companies and 700,000 travelers

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Maximize your savings with exclusive perks

Simplify your expenses with
streamlined billing

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Comprehensive support,
whenever you need it

Four steps away from your next trip

Trusted by over 40k companies and 700,000 travelers

The world’s fastest-growing hotel booking platform

over 700,000 properties globally

More hotels in more places

Our massive hotel inventory is unparalleled within business travel, and makes it easy to find a great stay at an exclusive price every time.
flexibility guaranteed

Flexibility guaranteed

When plans change you can easily modify guest names, trip dates, special requests and more. No questions asked.
unbeatable savings

Unbeatable savings

Instantly lower your travel costs and get up to 60% off hotels with our direct relationships. All from your free account.
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“Hotel Engine has opened me up to be able to do so many more things for my boss throughout the day instead of chasing credit card authorizations and booking hotels. I would highly recommend Hotel Engine to any company out there.”
Stephanie Carter,
Travel Coordinator for Bandera Networks

Effortlessly plan, book and manage your business lodging

Insights on-demand

Easily track your teams' booking patterns, hotel picks, seasonal trends and more. Guide smarter spending with clear dashboards and exportable analytics.

One simplified invoice

Take advantage of a Hotel Engine line of credit to free up your accounts and get a single invoice to process all of your lodging expenses at once.

Take control of lodging costs

Set maximum nightly rates for each traveler or entire departments in just a few clicks, making it effortless to stay on budget.

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The most-loved travel platform for a reason

Amazing customer support

Chat, call, or email for expert help anytime — we’re available 24/7 and 365.

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Rewards with every stay

Earn Hotel Engine Rewards on every booking you make. Redeem points for discounts or free nights any time, for any date. Yes, really!

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Stay loyal to the brands you love

We make it easy to add guest loyalty information so you can continue to earn points from all your favorite hotels.

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Do it all from the app

Hotel Engine travels with you. Book rooms and manage lodging on the go with our powerful app.

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Book without skipping a beat

With Express Book, secure the most affordable rooms at your favorite stays in just two simple clicks.

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Find answers to commonly
asked questions

How does Hotel Engine work?

We’re glad you asked! Hotels want to reach business travelers,  and companies with traveling workforces want the best rates they can get. Our platform brings everyone together to radically simplify trip management and give everyone exactly what they want.

How is Hotel Engine free to use?

By providing great value to our hotel partners, we get great rates. That means we can take a small cut of each booking — enough to cover 24/7 Member Support and continually re-invest in new technology — and still offer deals to our members that are up to 60% cheaper than consumer sites. That’s why we can keep Hotel Engine free to join and use.

Which hotel chains can I book on Hotel Engine?

We want our members to have plenty of options when booking lodging, and we currently have 700,000+ properties available on our platform. Hotel Engine offers rooms at many major hotel chains, and we are constantly adding new properties to our corporate travel program. 

How much does it cost my company to join Hotel Engine?

We’re in the business of radically simplifying trip management for everyone, and we believe great hotel rates should be accessible to everyone too.
That’s why Hotel Engine is free to join and use — no contracts, no minimums, no catch.

Click here to learn more.

What is the cancellation policy?

Individual hotel properties set their own cancellation policies, which are clearly displayed during the booking process (you’ll see whether the room is refundable, and the last date you can cancel and receive your money back). After booking, you can find cancellation policy information in the “Important Information” section of your confirmation page. If you need to keep travel plans flexible, select the Flex option at booking. Flex allows you to cancel any reservation up until noon the day of arrival or cut a trip short mid-stay and get refunded — regardless of the hotel’s cancellation policy.