Travelling for Work? Here Are 7 Things to Look For in a Business Hotel

Erin Sayer
December 29, 2022
Travelling for Work? Here Are 7 Things to Look For in a Business Hotel

There’s travelling for pleasure, and then there’s travelling for business. While they share certain qualities, there are a few differences to consider when trying to find a hotel for work travel.

For example, things like comfort, location and price will always be factors in choosing the best accommodations. But when you’re travelling for work, there are other things to consider, including business necessities like a desk and high-speed WiFi.

So, what exactly should you be looking for in a business hotel when travelling for your job?

1. Location and proximity

The last thing you want when you’re travelling for work is to stress about getting lost in a new city — especially when you have morning meetings, scheduled conferences or need to find a coworking space. So, one of the most important things to consider when you’re booking a corporate hotel is where your accommodations are in relation to wherever you need to go each day.

You also want to consider your needs outside of work. For example, places to eat, shop for necessities and so on.

Your best bet is to choose a business hotel that’s centrally located and close to where you’ll be working throughout the week. This will allow you to keep any public transportation time short or easily walk to where you need to go. It’ll also allow you to explore the local attractions during your downtime.

2. A business centre and conference rooms

Even if you’ve never used a hotel’s business centre or conference rooms, you shouldn’t underestimate how valuable these spaces can be. You never know if your computer will crash unexpectedly or if you’ll need to print documents because your colleagues need hard copies.

What’s more, you may need a versatile meeting space where you and your colleagues can get together and come up with new ideas or work on projects after hours. You may also need a place to practise presentations with AV equipment such as screens and projectors.

Having a business centre or conference room in your hotel gives you the advantage of flexibility, even if you only need a bigger workspace. Just be sure to check whether you can use these rooms freely or if you need to reserve them in advance.

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3. Free high-speed internet

Virtually all business hotels today provide free Wi-Fi. However, some hotels will only offer a lower-speed internet connection as a complementary service, and charge for access to high-speed services.

So, check the hotel’s Wi-Fi policy and book your accommodations with an establishment that offers high-speed internet with your room. If you’re a loyalty member of a particular hotel chain, you can often use your status or benefits to get an upgrade while avoiding the upcharge or any other internet-related fees.

4. A reliable concierge service

No matter how great or small the request, a good concierge will be at your service.

They can advise you on the best places to take clients out for a meal or entertainment, how to get around via public transportation, where to get a last-minute dinner outfit, and much more.

Concierge services are especially invaluable when you don’t know the area well or have a slight emergency. Keep it in mind as you choose your hotel.

5. A phone in the room

While it may sound silly, sometimes having a landline in your hotel room can be invaluable. Many hotels worldwide have cut out phones as amenities simply because people don’t use them. But when you’re travelling for business, it’s always nice to have a phone available.

Long travel days and running around meeting clients can leave your mobile low on charge, so it’s always nice to have a landline to call the front desk or keep in touch with coworkers.

Plus, if you’ve spent hours on the road or are travelling through different time zones, it’s good to know that you can arrange a wake-up call to make sure you get to your meetings on time.

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6. Plenty of hotel amenities

Whether or not you have a busy business trip planned, it’s nice to stay in a hotel that can meet all your needs.

Additional facilities like on-site restaurants, a 24-hour fitness centre, guest laundry services, dry cleaning services and more can really help you feel more comfortable during your stay. This is especially true for longer business trips.

It’s also good to have a place where you can go and unwind outside your room after a long day — without leaving your hotel. This could include a lounge area, tennis courts, pool, spa or hotel bar.

Don’t forget to enquire about your room service options too. After all, you may not have the time to stop what you’re doing for a sit-down meal, and takeaway may not be available when you’re hungry.

7. A shuttle service

Even if you can walk everywhere from your hotel, it’s still a good idea to look for a hotel that offers shuttle services.

Getting to and from the airport can be a huge hassle depending on how much luggage you have and when your flight arrives or departs. And some hotels offer transportation to other local establishments and attractions, usually within a five to ten-mile radius.

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