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From seamless booking to simplified expense management, get hassle-free lodging management for your workforce. Forget the travel-related stress and get back to focusing on delivering staffing solutions for your customers.

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Lodging management control
for your projects from booking to billing

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Savings you can measure

Save up to 60% off your lodging for your staff and simplify the booking management process for your entire team.

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Easily track and monitor budgets

Get access to tools that give you full visibility on lodging expenses so you can stay within budget and monitor the spend on every project.

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Consolidated invoices

Apply for Direct Bill, giving you one consolidated invoice for lodging instead of paying as you book. Streamline invoicing and make lodging expenses even easier.

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Get your $50 hotel credit!

Be the first person from your company to sign up and get a $50 hotel credit. No membership fees, no contracts, no credit card needed.

Simple lodging management
for your entire staff

Useful analytics

Use information about your trip trends and average nightly rates to make informed decisions about your travel policies. Get lodging insights to give you confidence when planning budgets for your travelers and projects.

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Flexible reservations

Plans change. That’s why we are focused on offering the most Flex options so your bookings are protected. Add Flex to any reservation and only pay for the nights you stay.

Double up on rewards

By combining hotel loyalty program points with HE Rewards, your travelers can earn double the savings. This gives you more opportunities to save money and extend your travel budgets.

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Extend stays in a few clicks

When travelers need to spend a little more time on site than originally planned, they can easily add nights to a booking right from the Hotel Engine app.

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In their own words

Claudia B
"The tiered travel policies provides the flexibility for individual travelers, without impacting the larger company lodging goal."

Claudia B

SRP Companies

Nick C
"There’s no fighting with hotels, faxing credit cards, or email authorizations. It’s one click, book, done.”

Nick C

Combined Transport

Nancy K
“Having the ability to get eight people in one reservation — and cancel if they change their mind — is a dream come true.”

Nancy K

Aspen Square

Ray V
"I find it very user friendly; I find the rates to be unbeatable, and I find that the flexibility is wonderful."

Ray V

PRO Building Systems

Holly M
"The extensive options, pricing, rewards program and 24/7 customer service are only a few reasons we knew this was the right company to assist us.”

Holly M

Cascade Health

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Frequently asked questions

How can Hotel Engine simplify travel arrangements for HR departments and staffing companies?

Hotel Engine provides a centralized platform where HR staff can book, manage, and track employee travel in one place. The combination of a user-friendly platform, comprehensive accommodation options, cost-saving opportunities, and robust support makes Hotel Engine an ideal tool for HR professionals looking to manage corporate travel efficiently and enhance employee travel experiences.

What support does Hotel Engine offer for implementing travel policies within a company?

The platform enables HR to set up tiered travel policies, ensuring bookings adhere to company guidelines. This feature helps maintain budget control and ensures employees book accommodations that meet safety and comfort standards.

Can Hotel Engine assist HR in tracking and optimizing travel expenses?

Yes, Hotel Engine's Trends & Reporting feature offers detailed insights into travel spend, helping HR departments identify savings opportunities, optimize travel budgets, and report on travel expenses with accuracy.

How does Hotel Engine ensure the safety and well-being of employees during their travels?

Hotel Engine provides detailed information on hotel safety protocols and amenities, allowing HR to book accommodations that prioritize employee well-being. Additionally, the platform's customer support is available 24/7 to assist with any travel issues that may arise.

How can HR departments leverage Hotel Engine to accommodate diverse employee travel needs?

Hotel Engine's wide range of properties and room types allows HR to meet diverse travel needs, from budget-friendly options for short business trips to extended stays for project-based work, ensuring all employees have accommodations that suit their requirements.