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Unmanaged travel managed

Most of our members are small to medium-sized businesses — typically those who are too small to have a budget for managed travel but still have frequent business travel needs.
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Grow with us

Our membership is growing by an average of 17,000 new users each month. From small and mid-market businesses to enterprise-level travelers, increase your reach and unlock growth potential.

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No commission on direct rates

We don’t charge commissions on direct bookings. By offering direct rates to our network of business travelers, you won’t just be more competitive with our members – you’ll save on commission-free bookings. 

Partner Hub: guidance to support your growth

Our partners receive free access to Partner Hub, a platform built to provide individual properties with actionable insights on their performance. Partner Hub will help you sharpen your competitive edge and unlock new opportunities within your market.

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Our members are 700,000 reasons to partner with us

We bring new revenue streams to our partners.
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New brand-agnostic travelers are added per month by Hotel Engine.
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Reservations primarily check in between Sunday and Thursday.
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Travelers make bookings within 3 business days of
their trip.
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Hotel Engine members typically stay an average of 3.5 nights.
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Book group and extended stays

Become a go-to for large group or extended-stay bookings and fill more rooms for less work on your part.

We support essential industries and their unique travel

Disaster Relief

We move quickly to find the best properties for response teams, and to coordinate any necessary changes — so they can stay focused on the important work at hand.

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Traveling workforce

We facilitate seamless room bookings for the travel workforce by connecting them with our trusted partners who offer a diverse range of accommodations tailored to their specific needs.
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Sports team travel

We support sports team travel by partnering with dedicated providers offering specialized accommodations and amenities tailored to athletes’ needs.

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Conferences and trade shows

We drive trade show business to partners with targeted promotions and tailored services for a seamless experience.

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Non-Profit group travel

Our partners leverage our support for non-profit travel, tapping into exclusive benefits and tailored solutions to enhance their charitable endeavors.
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“Hotel Engine are multi-faceted and have a network of buyers from corporate, group, and long-stay. And they’re partnering with some of the best brands in the world. When you pair that with their forward-thinking technology, that’s a great partner for anyone looking to cast their net far and wide.”
Matthew Baldwin
VP of North American Sales

The Hoxston
Matthew Baldwin from The Hoxston

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

What type of companies does Hotel Engine work with?

Did you know that approximately 70% of corporate travel stays are booked directly by the traveler, not in a managed travel program? While we have enterprise clients as well, Hotel Engine specializes in providing free-to-use industry-leading tools and analytics to these unmanaged corporate travelers. Our customer base of 700,000+ individual accounts is growing by an average of 17,000 members per month, includes international markets like the UK, Canada, and Australia, and spans industries from state government, financial services, construction and logistics, energy, health care staffing and business services.

How does my hotel receive reservations and payments, and how does Hotel Engine get paid?  
Hotel Engine uses the Global Distribution System (GDS) to make and deliver reservations into the hotel’s property management system (PMS), unless otherwise specified by our team. Hotel Engine will provide a virtual credit card and credit authorization for each reservation, helping your property to get paid quickly. All our payment processes comply with current PCI regulations. Hotel Engine keeps a small percentage of each room night booked on our platform as payment.
What type of return can we expect from Hotel Engine?
Hotel Engine travelers come from diverse industries. Our members can book short-term transient stays, extended stays (30+ nights), group stays, and short-term projects on our platform. We provide our partners with tools to craft strategies that will help fill your property’s unique needs. Hotel Engine partner hotels get nearly 40% more contracts than non-partners and twice as many total room nights than non-partners.
How does Hotel Engine support my growth?
Our solution bridges the gap between online travel agencies and managed travel, offering small and mid-sized businesses access to great rates while bringing new revenue streams to our hotel partners. Our team is made up of former hoteliers and industry professionals — we know your business inside and out. In addition to insights on our customer base and how to best market your properties, we’ll provide strategic partnership and guidance to help you increase your portfolio’s performance.
How do I manage my business with Hotel Engine?
Our partners receive free access to Partner Hub, a platform built to provide individuals properties with actionable insights on their performance. Partner Hub data will help you sharpen your competitive edge and unlock new opportunities within your market. Plus, we have a dedicated support team and supply analysts ready to assist your property!
What hotels and brands does Hotel Engine work with?
Hotel Engine has partnerships with most major hotel chains in the US and around the globe and is expanding our direct relationships at the corporate level daily. As a corporate travel provider, we can negotiate rates with any hotel that desires to grow its corporate customer base. To date, we have more than 700,000 lodging partners on Hotel Engine through a direct connection on our platform or an indirect connection with a third-party supplier. Speak with our Partnership Team to discuss your corporate rate structure and opportunities to better tailor your rate to market needs.

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