Take care of incidentals in advance for every trip

Completing credit card authorization forms for every trip can be a nightmare. Say goodbye to needing a credit card at check-in with easy incidental management. Now, incidentals can be covered in advance, making check-in smooth and simple.

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“Little things like not having the $500 hold on your credit card for incidentals go a long way in improving the overall experience for our drivers.”

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Skip the credit card at check-in with incidental coverage

Simplified incidental management

Take care of incidentals in advance

We’ll cover any incidental charges on your team’s reservations up front, and send you one bill for all incurred charges at the end of each month.

No credit card required for check-in

Remove the need for your team members to present a credit card and place hold charges on their personal accounts when they check in.

Easy reconciliation

Reconciliation for incidentals is automatically streamlined — no more time spent tracking down which charges belong to which rooms.

Get one monthly bill

Easily identify charges by getting a monthly, centralized invoice for all your team’s charges, including incidentals.

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Frequently asked questions

What are incidental charges?

Incidental charges, or incidental expenses or incidentals, refer to additional fees or charges incurred by guests during their stay at a hotel. These charges are typically separate from the base room rate and cover various services, amenities, or items that not included in the standard room rate.

What benefit does incidentals coverage give me?

Managing the logistics of a traveling workforce can be complicated, especially when it comes to incidentals. Even if reservations are booked on a company card or account, hotels still require a credit card at check-in to cover incidentals. Providing a personal card can be a burden on travelers, especially since it can take up to a week for incidental holds to be removed. With incidentals coverage, you can save time at check-in and ease the strain of travel on your staff!

What does a traveler need to do when checking in with incidentals coverage?

With incidentals coverage, a traveler simply informs the hotel at check-in that incidentals are covered through Hotel Engine, ensuring a smooth check-in experience without needing a personal credit card for holds or deposits

How does billing for Incidentals work?

Hotel Engine will cover all incidental charges upfront when your travelers opt into Incidentals Coverage (which can be selected per individual booking at checkout). That means travelers won't have to present a card at check-in, and your business will be conveniently invoiced for charges.

How does incidentals credit work?

Our incidental credit feature allows accounts to purchase the incidentals add-on directly at the checkout page with incidentals credit granted by Hotel Engine, even if they don't have Direct Bill set up for bookings. It streamlines the process, making it quick and convenient to include incidental coverage for trips.