Corporate travel dashboard for company-wide trends at a glance.

Our dashboard is built with all the tools you need to track trends, streamline expenses and more. Our platform enables teams to book travel and manage the complexities at every step, from search to final reporting.

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Custom reports and real-time expenses in one convenient dashboard

Quickly understand your travel trends

Efficiently manage your company’s travel with a comprehensive dashboard of travelers’ average spends, average nightly rates and more.

Keep expenses under budget

See which team members are using the platform to book travel and what they’re spending to ensure compliance with your company’s travel and expense guidelines.

Customize your reporting

Add custom fields that align with your internal systems for quick and easy tracking. Plus, quickly download your reports to a CSV or PDF for detailed analyses.

Breakdown your savings

See what you’ve saved from earning HE Rewards, protecting trips with Flex cancellation coverage and other credits from Hotel Engine.

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Insights you can't find anywhere else

“We really love all of the data that we’re able to get out of the platform!"

Melissa Sledge

Director of Support Operations

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Add your travel policies to ensure compliance

  • Empower travelers to book with confidence while maintaining full control over your budget
  • Build in your room rate thresholds for teams and trips
  • Travelers will only see the results that are in policy, allowing you to skip the back-and-forth on room rate approvals

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Frequently asked questions

What data is available on my account?

The top of your Trends page includes a visual summary of your company’s lodging spend, average nightly rate, and total bookings for quick reference. You can also see how much you’ve saved with Hotel Engine — including from earned Hotel Engine Rewards, Flex cancellations, and other credits. Want to see more detail, filter data, or add information to other systems? Easily export data directly to a CSV by clicking “Download Reports."

What types of reports can I download?

Hotel Engine provides several reporting options, including information broken down by booker, traveler, department, city, hotel, and more. You can easily adjust the report's dates and add filters like travel policy or custom fields, ensuring you get the data you care about most.

Is there a way to get a summary of my trends?

All admins have access to a dashboard widget that details increases or decreases in your trip’s average nightly rate over time. This allows you to spot trends and better plan your lodging budget. If you need more detail, you can download your reports by choosing the “Send Reports” button in the upper right-hand corner.

What are the different ways I can view my companies travel data?

View the top locations visited by your teams and filter by date range or department. Your Trends dashboard will show you the number of trips to each destination, the average nightly rate for each destination, and how much your team normally saves in each city, helping you better set and manage travel policies. You can also see detailed information on the top bookers in your account.

What are some of the different ways I can customize Travel Policies?

You can use Travel Policies to assign permissions to certain account types, including Direct Bill access, Incidentals Coverage, and the option to book only refundable rooms. Travel Policies can be set by department, role, or even individual traveler to ensure that they’re always appropriate for your business needs.