Earn hotel loyalty points and HE Rewards points on every hotel stay.

Not only can you add your hotel loyalty program to your Hotel Engine account, but you will also earn HE Rewards points every time you book a room with us. Your HE Rewards points can be used as credit toward future stays, helping you save even more.

Earn travel credits towards future travel

Redeem points

Hotel Engine Rewards are earned on every booking, and redemption is hassle-free. Cash in your points any time for a discounted stay, or save up for free nights. Use them on any booking, for any date.

Four hotels

Double your rewards

Connect your favorite hotel loyalty reward programs and continue to earn points on eligible stays. We are partnered with 15+ hotel loyalty programs so you can earn from both Hotel Engine and our hotel partners.

Track your savings

Get rewarded and stretch your budgets further when you book with us. Pay less up front with our discounted rooms while accruing lucrative rewards to help you save even more on future stays.

Earn more rewards faster, the more you book

“A lot of the reservations we book  (and we book a lot), end up being covered by our Hotel Engine Rewards points. Some of these reservations are upwards of $7,000-$15,000, so to have them covered is an amazing savings.”

Chayla S

AMN Healthcare

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Frequently asked questions

How do I enroll in Hotel Engine Rewards?

Hotel Engine Rewards is open to any current Hotel Engine user; however, users are not automatically enrolled. You must opt into Rewards while signed into your Hotel Engine account. With just a few clicks, you’ll be welcomed into the program with no additional forms to fill out.

How do I use my points?

You can choose to redeem your points under the “Billing Information” section when booking your reservation on the platform. You can apply as little or as many points as you want, provided a minimum of 12,500 points are applied during a single transaction.

How many days does it take for rewards points to become available on my account after completed booking?

Rewards points become available on your account only after you have completed a hotel stay. After you check out on the platform, Hotel Engine Rewards points for that uncompleted stay will show as pending on your account. Please allow for up to one business day after your completed booking for points to become available.

Do Hotel Engine points expire?

Points will expire after a full calendar year of inactivity on your account. You must book and complete a hotel stay to keep your account active.

Can I share my Hotel Engine points with another member?

Reward points cannot be transferred from one rewards account to another. If you would like to apply rewards points toward business travel expenses, you may book a hotel stay on behalf of another person using Hotel Engine Rewards points (at a minimum of 12,500 points per booking) tied to your Hotel Engine Rewards account.