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With over 750,000 properties worldwide, you'll have way more lodging options than you're used to. From last-minute stays to extended trips, we have something for every trip and traveler.

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Stay in-the-know

The Trips tab in your customized dashboard acts as your operations command center, giving you a holistic view of your team's trips.

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Incidental management

Remove the need for travelers to put down a credit card at check-in. We make it easy to take care of incidentals in advance.

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“We have over 50 partners set up in the Hotel Engine platform to support our functional and regional structure, each with a department cap that helps everyone to book within budget and helps us stay on track. The recent implementation of the tiered travel policies will provide the flexibility to support an as-needed change to individual travelers, without impacting the larger company lodging goal.”

Claudia B

Field Operations Manager

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How Hotel Engine helps operations managers

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Frequently asked questions

What does Hotel Engine offer to help Operations Managers stay within budget?

Hotel Engine provides competitive rates and a rewards program to help Operations Managers keep lodging costs down. The platform also allows for setting maximum allowable rates to align with budgetary restrictions.

What tools are available through Hotel Engine for Operations Managers to report on travel and lodging?

Hotel Engine provides detailed reporting tools that offer insights into travel patterns, spending, and savings, enabling Operations Managers to generate reports for upper management and optimize the company’s travel expenditures.

How can Operations Managers leverage Hotel Engine to improve overall operational efficiency?

By using Hotel Engine, Operations Managers can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on arranging travel, which improves overall operational efficiency. The platform's centralized control over bookings and expenses means they can quickly address accommodation needs while focusing on the core operational duties.

Does Hotel Engine offer features to help operations managers with compliance?

Hotel Engine's platform allows operations managers to set up travel policies that comply with internal best practices, ensuring that employees are booking within company guidelines and utilizing key features like Incidental Coverage or refundable rooms.

What tools does Hotel Engine offer to help operations managers with real-time travel management?

The platform offers real-time reporting capabilities, mobile app access for on-the-go booking, and instant modifications with FlexPro to help operations managers make changes when changes occur.