Corporate travel management and logistics have never been easier.

Get back countless hours in your week and seamlessly deliver great lodging experiences for your team with a suite of powerful tools tailored to streamline every aspect of the lodging management process.

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From trip booking to travel budgets,
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Save money with every trip

Get up to 60% off while earning rewards on every booking. Extend your travel budgets by taking advantage of our hotel savings and earn rewards to cash in on future travel.

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Hassle-free billing

Say goodbye to chasing down hotel folios. Get access to all individual folios in a centralized platform. Apply for Direct Bill to get one consolidated invoice and make your billing even more seamless.

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Set travel policies in a few clicks

Build in maximum nightly rates for each traveler or entire departments in just a few clicks. Set pricing tiers to expand booking options while still ensuring your team stays within budget.

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"It's priceless. It makes everything so much easier. Before, getting a hotel for someone, it was a 15-minute experience, now it takes it down to about 1 minute. It saves so much time."

Kim Hamilton, Travel Manager

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How Hotel Engine helps travel managers

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Hotel Engine travels with you. Book rooms and manage lodging on the go with our powerful app.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Hotel Engine streamline the booking process for Travel Managers?

Hotel Engine provides a centralized platform where Travel Managers can manage all company bookings, access preferential rates, set travel policies, and track expenses, streamlining the booking process and reducing administrative workload.

Why should Travel Managers choose Hotel Engine over other travel management solutions?

Travel Managers should opt for Hotel Engine because of its blend of user-friendly technology, extensive hotel inventory, cost-saving opportunities, robust reporting capabilities, and dedicated customer support designed to make their role more efficient and effective.

Can Travel Managers use Hotel Engine to enforce company travel policies?

Yes, Hotel Engine allows Travel Managers to implement and enforce company travel policies through customizable settings that restrict bookings outside of policy parameters, ensuring compliance and cost control.

Does Hotel Engine offer support for Travel Managers during emergencies or travel disruptions?

Travel Managers have access to Hotel Engine’s 24/7 Member Support team, which can provide immediate assistance in the event of travel disruptions, emergencies, or other unexpected issues.

How can Travel Managers handle last-minute changes or cancellations with Hotel Engine?

Travel Managers can leverage Hotel Engine's flexible booking options to manage last-minute changes or cancellations, minimizing unused nights and ensuring quick adjustments to travel plans as needed.