A Better Way to Pay Direct Bill


We’re excited to roll out a new feature on our platform: Direct Bill credit card payments!

For users enrolled in Direct Bill, you now have the ability to pay your monthly statements online via credit card. You can even select and pay for specific invoices within a monthly statement separately for complete self-service.

Direct billing makes it convenient to view all hotel expenses, across all travelers, in one, consolidated statement.

Our monthly invoicing program establishes a direct line of credit between our users and Hotel Engine — not individual hotels. With this option, you can track hotel spend and reduce risk by eliminating the need for multiple transactions and forms of payment.

How It Works

Only admins on business accounts can enroll in and access Direct Bill. Log in to Hotel Engine and click on the “Billing” tab at the top of the page.

Here you’ll see a list of your account’s most recent monthly statements and their current status. Select “View” next to a statement to see that month’s individual invoices.

From here, click “Make Payment” and you’ll see that all invoices are automatically selected. You can pay the entire statement, or self-select which invoices you’d like to pay in this transaction.

After clicking “Review Payment,” you can choose a saved payment method or enter in a new credit card. Click “Submit Payment” and that’s it! You’ll soon receive an email confirmation in your inbox.

We hope you take advantage of this more seamless way to pay for all your team’s hotel bookings. Look forward to more feature updates in the months ahead!

Not enrolled yet?

Reach out to your Hotel Engine representative and ask for a credit application to see if you qualify for Direct Bill.