Hotel Engine Helps Nationwide Turf Installation Improve Hotel Booking Workflows and Save $22K a Year

HE Nationwide Turf Case Study 2022

Nationwide Turf Installation, headquartered in Desoto, Missouri, employs a team of professionals who work to install quality turf for both residential and professional projects across the Midwest. Nationwide Turf Installation’s average project length ranges from a few days to 3+ weeks, requiring them to book hundreds of hotel room nights per month for their team.

Before joining Hotel Engine, Nationwide Turf Installation was using CLC Lodging to make team reservations, as well as booking directly with some hotels. However, their desire to enhance cost savings, streamline processes, and the lack of any rewards programs with their current solutions led them to make the switch to Hotel Engine. Read how that decision ultimately helped them improve booking workflows and save $22k per year.

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