Hotel Engine Saves Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group $123k on Lodging

Industrial Kiln and Dryer Group Case Study 2022

Mia Wilson, the Field Service Admin at Industrial Kiln and Dryer Group, is one of six administrators responsible for booking the travel of its 70+ crew members. With both the company and the demand for travel growing quickly, Mia needed to find a platform that could support her increasing needs.

Unable to handle the high volume of charges needed for lodging reservations, the company’s credit cards were often being maxed out. Travelers were having to put down personal credit cards for incidentals, leading to numerous billing headaches. And when Mia’s travelers had issues with their stays, she found herself on the phone with various hotel support lines for extended periods of time trying to help.

After joining Hotel Engine in late 2018, Mia found the solution to her lodging management struggles. Download the case study below to learn more!

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