Hotel Engine Saves Medical Solutions $219K and 1,577 Hours in the Past Year

Medical Solutions Case Study 2022

Established in 2001, Medical Solutions is a leading provider of healthcare workforce solutions. They work with 16,000+ traveling medical professionals, finding job placements nationwide and assisting with housing and travel arrangements. 

Before Hotel Engine, the team had few tools at their disposal to assist in finding housing that met the needs of their healthcare professionals — especially with job sites spanning all 50 states, as well as Guam. 

“The process was all just, picking up the phone and calling around to hotels,” Gowen remembers. “We could research on the internet about what hotels are in the area, but then we’d have to call them all individually to find out about their availability and negotiate rates.”

Read more about how Hotel Engine streamlined their booking process, saving them 30 minutes per booking:

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