The 13 Best Construction Apps Used by The Professionals

Audrey Fairbrother
June 29, 2023
The 13 Best Construction Apps Used by The Professionals

Bidding on projects. Keeping track of tools and equipment. Drafting floor plans.

Construction companies and general contractors have a lot on their plates. But with the right software and apps, construction industry professionals can make every step of every build a little bit easier.

From project management solutions to invoice generators, here are the 13 best construction apps used by the professionals.

Table of Contents

1. Bidding
2. Project Management
3. Safety Management
4. Drawing Floor Plans
5. Equipment Tracking
6. Invoicing
7. Construction Calculations
8. Form and Document Creation
9. Booking Crew Lodging


Estimating and bidding on new contracts can be time-consuming. Reclaim your time by trying one of these bidding apps.


HeavyBid is an estimating software that allows you to directly import bid items from various DOT websites to reduce time spent generating estimates.

HeavyBid isn’t for every construction business — it is geared toward infrastructure contractors that build highways, bridges, dams and tunnels.

The cost varies depending on the number of users and applications needed. Prices start at $170 per month.


General contractors, sub-contractors, specialty contractors and construction company owners use SmartBid in the pre-construction phase. This app streamlines communication and allows you to submit and compare bids, as well as access current opportunities.

Contact SmartBid for pricing.

Project Management

Many useful construction management apps exist, but only one gets top ratings as the best construction project management software: Procore.


Many construction companies that work on large-scale commercial projects use Procore because it has a user-friendly design and offers an easy way to connect with multiple people on a given project.

This project management tool streamlines communication between engineers, architects, and contractors, using it for:

  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Workforce management
  • Workflow management

Available for use on all mobile devices, Procore has a unique camera function that lets you share status updates with field team members as well as project owners and stakeholders.

Prices vary depending on the type of construction you do. Contact Procore directly for pricing.

Safety Management

Safety is key on every construction site, and there are two great apps that can help you keep your crew safe and sound at all times.

Safety Meeting App

Safety Meeting App allows you to document safety concerns, arrange safety meetings with your team, and remain compliant with OSHA regulations.

Available in both English and Spanish, it includes OSHA-compliant safety checklists for a variety of trades, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.

A single-user plan costs $199 per year. For $1,169 a year, you can add up to 150 users.


LetsBuild helps track quality, health, safety and environmental concerns on jobs so you can stay ahead of them. It also monitors progress so you can quickly adjust project and safety plans as needed.

LetsBuild can save you time creating daily reports, and includes a convenient feature for document creation.

Pricing starts at only $25 per month with ads.

Drawing Floor Plans

Professional using drawing floor plan construction app

When it’s time to measure and sketch floor plans, construction teams rely on one app to make life easier on and off the job site: magicplan.


magicplan is the best app for creating and sharing 2D and 3D floor plans on construction projects from anywhere. Construction professionals use it to:

  • Measure and sketch plans
  • Share labor and materials estimates with clients
  • Add objects and markups to floor plan drawings using AI and AR

Prices vary based on the features you need, but you can use the software for free for up to two projects.

Equipment Tracking

With the right equipment tracking app, you’ll always know where your tools are.

DeWalt Tool Connect

Attach Bluetooth-enabled chips or tags to your tools and equipment, and the DeWalt Tool Connect can locate them. You can also enable notifications to alert you if items are moved from a particular job site.

This software is free to use, but you will have to purchase the tracking tags.


Search, find and transfer tools amongst members of your construction team with the ShareMyToolbox app. It allows you to inventory tools and see which crew member has each item at a given time. Another key feature is the option to transfer and keep track of tools and equipment from job site to job site.

Pricing for ShareMyToolbox starts at $65 per month, and you can add up to five users for an additional $50.


From deposits, to materials costs, to final payments, one app streamlines the process of invoicing and collecting payments when they’re due.


Joist simplifies the billing process by allowing you to send invoices from anywhere at any time.

With Joist, you can create and send professional invoices and receive an alert when they are viewed so that you know your client opened them. Create custom invoices through the app or integrate with Quickbooks accounting software.

Free and paid plans are available.

Construction Calculations

Construction worker holding hardhat using phone to run calculations on job site

Construction management teams and workers often have to do complex calculations and unit conversions accurately to meet building regulations and safety requirements. These two apps make job site math faster and easier.

DeWalt Mobile Pro

With the DeWalt Mobile Pro app, you can access all types of standard construction calculators for free. If needed, you can also purchase add-on calculators for electrical work and finish work.

This mobile app is free to use.

All-in-One Calculator

The All-in-One Calculator makes it easy to perform unit and currency conversions. This app instantly calculates volumes, areas, percentages, and proportions.

It is currently only available for Android devices, but an iOS app for Apple devices is in development.

This app is free to use, but it does have ads.

Form and Document Creation

There’s no need to carry paper forms when you can quickly generate all sorts of documents on your device.


Create forms for estimates, work orders, inspections and more with GoCanvas. You can use it to create custom forms, or take advantage of existing templates and share them via PDF files through the app.

Contact for pricing.

Booking Crew Lodging

Apps for construction crew lodging

Need to book lodging for construction crews? Need truck parking or lots of rooms? We got you.

Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine is a free-to-use platform built to simplify business travel for construction crews everywhere. With more than 700,000 properties worldwide, you can find great lodging options even when the job sites are remote, and filter by properties with truck parking.

Plus, thanks to exclusive partnerships with hotels, Hotel Engine can save you up to 60% off public room rates —and you can pay be credit card, ACH, or with one streamlined Direct Bill covering the entire crew’s rooms.

And with the white-glove service of their Groups team and Flex and FlexPro options, you can hand off the hassle of complex group bookings or extended stays and book rooms with ultimate flexibility — so you don’t lose funds if you need to shorten a trip or cancel a room.

Stay on-time and on-budget: book with Hotel Engine for deeper discounts, greater flexibility, and total simplicity — from booking to billing and beyond.


Whether you’re looking for a software solution to track project progress, streamline task management, inventory tools, or book lodging for field team members, some incredible apps exist.

Embrace smoother job management: use apps designed to simplify your life and give you — and your crew — valuable time back.

Need to book accommodations for your crew? Sign up for a free account with Hotel Engine and start saving today.

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