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Transportation teams save time and money with Hotel Engine

Streamline lodging logistics for your crews and fleets. With Hotel Engine, transportation teams can optimize the way they manage lodging while saving up to 60% on hotels with our exclusive pricing.

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Find a great stay along every route

With 750,000+ options, your team can always find a stay that meets their needs. From remote locations to dense cities, find a stay that meets your needs right along your route.

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Award-winning support at all times

Our Member Support team members are real US-based employees, going above and beyond 24/7 via email, chat and phone. Whether you need help with a reservation change or something else, we are here for you.

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Late check-ins are easy with the app

Download our mobile app, allowing you to reserve rooms anytime, anywhere; book until 3 am for same-night arrival, share your ETA with a tap, and we'll call the hotel to confirm your room within minutes.

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Truck parking when you need it

Find room for your rig by filtering hotels with truck parking, booking from anywhere with the mobile app, and locating hotels across remote locations, eliminating the need for out-of-the-way stays.

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More reasons to love Hotel Engine

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Double Rewards

Combine Hotel Engine Rewards with your favorite loyalty programs to earn more rewards every time you book a stay.

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travel policies

Travel Policies

Set custom travel policies, so anyone can book with confidence and you can ensure your team's lodging expenses stay within budget.

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Direct Bill

Pay for all of your lodging expenses with one streamlined invoice, eliminating the need to track down individual hotel receipts.

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“I need well-priced hotels that will be my driver's temporary home away from home if their truck needs work. Hotel Engine has made it easy to find and to book them. There’s no fighting with hotels, faxing credit cards, email authorizations, or any of these other problems that we have experienced in the past. It’s one click, book, done.”

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Ops manager
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See how much you could save with Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine is saving teams up to 60% compared with public rates. See how much you could save with our simple calculator.

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Frequently asked questions

What makes Hotel Engine uniquely suited to meet the lodging needs of transportation professionals?

With features like 'Book near me' and saved locations, Hotel Engine caters to the on-the-go nature of transportation work, allowing for quick, easy bookings close to current locations or regular routes. This flexibility is essential for companies managing fleets or logistics operations.

In what ways can Hotel Engine save transportation companies time when booking accommodations?

The platform's user-friendly interface, along with the mobile app's intuitive design, enables fast, efficient booking. Search filters help find accommodations that meet specific requirements, such as parking for large vehicles, saving time and hassle.

Can Hotel Engine assist transportation companies in handling last-minute lodging changes or cancellations?

Yes, Hotel Engine's flexible booking options allow transportation companies to modify or cancel reservations without penalty in many cases, accommodating the unpredictable nature of transportation schedules and routes.

How does Hotel Engine ensure a smooth check-in process for drivers arriving at hotels?

Features like Incidentals Coverage and Direct Bill can streamline the check-in process by handling pre-authorizations and payments, minimizing the need for drivers to use personal credit cards or handle reimbursements.

How does Hotel Engine support transportation companies in maintaining compliance with travel policies?

The platform enables administrators to set up tiered travel policies, controlling the maximum nightly rates and ensuring bookings stay within company guidelines. This feature helps companies manage costs and enforce compliance with travel policies.