4 Ways to Celebrate a Long-Distance Father's Day

Audrey Fairbrother
June 13, 2017
4 Ways to Celebrate a Long-Distance Father's Day

It’s always hard to miss out on family holidays when you’re traveling for business. Growing up, you most likely celebrated every Father’s Day with your dad right down the hall. Now it’s probably not as convenient to be in the same place on the third Sunday every June. Whether you want to appreciate your old man, friends, partner, or other loved ones as fathers, there are several ways to do so from another city or country.

Here are the best ways to show the father figures in your life how much you appreciate them, even if you can’t do it in person.

Plan a virtual lunch or dinner over video chat

You can still share a meal together from your hotel room with the help of today’s technology. Make sure both of you are equipped with Skype or FaceTime and schedule the best time if you’re spanning different time zones. Depending on your hotel, you can order room service ahead of time and even coordinate to have the same food together.

You’ll need to make sure your hotel is equipped with a strong enough Wi-Fi signal or internet connection to stream quality video in real-time — luckily, Hotel Engine has plenty of options.

Schedule a delivery of his favorite indulgence.

There’s plenty of gift delivery options, both as one-off packages or subscriptions, you can arrange to greet your dad at his doorstep. If he has a sweet tooth, order an Edible Arrangement, a package of bourbon candies, or chocolate gift basket. There’s also plenty of options related to male grooming products, sports, fashion, food, and more. You can also consider custom making your own gift basket with all the treats you personally know he enjoys.

Plan an event for the next time you’re together.

If you’ll temporarily be away on Father’s Day, you can make plans for when you return.

Buy tickets to his favorite sports team, plan a fishing trip or day on the green, or make reservations at his favorite restaurant. You can surprise him with the news on Father’s Day, and then you’ll have something special to look forward to later. Quality time is often the best gift, after all.

Better yet – surprise him with a hotel stay.

Why wait? You could book an extra bed or hotel room for your father as a surprise vacation. If you’re already traveling to an exotic or exciting location, you can invite him to join you on your business trip. Otherwise, you can plan a vacation together for the future.

With an average savings of 26% off public rates, Hotel Engine often offers deeper discounts on select locations. Give back to your father with the gift of travel, and you’ll be sure to impress him with the accommodations. Happy searching!

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