7+ Truck Friendly Hotel Chains

Erin Sayer
March 18, 2022
7+ Truck Friendly Hotel Chains

Whether the truck is used for construction work, supply delivery, or something in between, it’s a tough job that not everyone can do.

Finding your essential workers a place to park their big vehicles and get some much-needed rest is a big deal.

Unfortunately, finding a hotel willing to take them and their big rigs in can be a rocky road.

It’s understandable that some smaller hotels don’t have the space for oversized trucks or the staff to do odd-hour check-ins.

However, there are some chain brands that cater to the industry.

These truck-friendly hotel chains welcome last-minute, middle-of-the-night stragglers with a fresh cup of coffee and a smile.

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Table of Contents

1. Choice Hotels
2. Choice Brands for Truckers
3. Wyndham Hotels
4. Wyndham Hotel Brands for Truckers
5. Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Bookings

Choice Hotels

Lobby in a Choice hotel

The Choice Hotels brand is well-known in the trucking industry, partly due to its “Thank a Trucker” Choice Privileges.

This reward program aims to improve the traveling life of truck drivers by providing perks designed specifically for them.

Just by doing your job and catching up on your rest at a Choice franchise, you earn points for free nights, gift cards, and extra amenities.

Other Choice Hotel Benefits

In addition to offering perks for truckers, this hotel chain maintains trucker-friendly policies.

Throughout most of their hotels, you’ll see conveniences that you might only notice if you’re a big truck driver.

Here are some examples:

  • Extra-large parking lots with designated areas for large vehicles
  • Complimentary hot breakfast offered during the early morning (before non-truckers are awake)
  • Free fresh coffee available 24/7 in the lobby
  • Hotels conveniently located near truck-friendly fueling stations

Choice also makes it easier to pay for your hotel on the company dime. Choice brands offer discounted prices for truckers and accept corporate card payments without hassle.

Since these hotels are also frequently located right off of major highways, it’s no wonder Choice Hotels is the “choice” brand of thousands of drivers.

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Choice Brands for Truckers

When it comes to finding affordable and clean motels with truck parking, Choice brands are always a good bet.

Still, some of their lines are more truck-friendly than others.

Here, we’ve listed the motels/hotels that are known for their semi-truck and trailer parking accommodations:

Sleep Inn

Driving across the U.S. or Canada? There’s likely a Sleep Inn available on your route.

The brand has an overall 3.7/5-star rating with Consumer Affairs and many glowing reviews.

Sleep Inn has affordable business rates. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and parking is convenient.

Even better, it’s common to find Sleep Inn locations within walking distance of Walmart and other 24/7 stores.

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Comfort Inn

Comfort Inn and Comfort Inn Suites are another favorite under the Choice brand. The brand is recognized for its family-friendliness and business amenities.

With a 3.7/5-star rating on Consumer Affairs, Comfort Inn’s brand is reliably affordable, clean, and comfortable. The hotel is 100% smoke-free, which could be a pro or a con, depending on your preferences.

Premium bedding, cozy pillows, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary hot breakfasts ensure that you’ll leave well-rested and ready to drive. With indoor and outdoor entrances, you can quietly come and go as you please.

Rodeway Inn

Rodeway Inn is mentioned in trucker forums often because of its budget-friendly rates across the U.S. and Canada. Consumer Affairs gives the brand a 3.4/5-star review, but where it lacks in frills, it makes up for in trucker-friendliness

Don’t worry if you’re booking at the last minute; the brand is also recognized for its convenient last-second availability.

Free coffee, premium movie channels, and Wi-Fi ensure a pleasant stay every time. Extra-large parking lots, indoor and outdoor entrances, and convenient locations off major highways make Rodeway Inn a trucker favorite.

Quality Inn

Mid-range, comfortable, and ideal for travelers, Quality Inn & Suites is a household name in hotels.

It has a 3.2/5-star rating on Consumer Reviews. But travelers on a budget prefer this brand because it’s consistently clean and conveniently located.

You know you’re getting a no-frills hotel, but the rooms are comfortable, the staff is friendly, and breakfast is free.

Many Quality Inn hotels have fitness centers, hot tubs, and pools for a bit of luxury on an economy budget. Refrigerators are in the rooms or available upon request.

Big-rig parking is easy in these large parking areas, and the indoor and outdoor entrances are trucker-friendly, too.

Other Choice Hotels for Truckers

Occasionally, your route will take you someplace where you won’t see any of these three brands on the nearest exit. Of course, you don’t want to keep on trucking just to find a trucker-friendly hotel with great rewards.

Check the signs for the next exit, and if you see any of these names, go ahead and pull off (they’ll have a parking space for your big rig and comfortable rooms):

  • Clarion
  • Clarion Pointe
  • EconoLodge
  • MainStay Suites

These hotels and motels will all net you Choice Privilege points. However, they might not have the same discounted rates and amenities as Quality Inn, Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, or Rodeway Inn.

Anytime you’re staying at a Choice line, though, you’ll get comfortable and clean rooms, friendly staff, and the coveted endless free coffee in your room and the lobby.

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Wyndham Hotels

Wyndham hotel exterior

Wyndham Hotel’s Rewards Program helps truckers accumulate points fast. The brand has business-focused incentives and amenities that individual drivers and travel managers can easily take advantage of.

With the Rewards Program, members can earn up to 45,000 points and redeem them for six free nights or cash.

If you’re traveling as part of a project crew, each crew member that stays at a La Quinta Wyndham hotel earns 10 points per $1. Stays at any other Wyndham brand net you 4 points per $1.

Wyndham Hotel Benefits

Wyndham caters to the trucking industry by outfitting their hotels with large parking lots and choosing locations that are convenient to drivers.

You’ll find many of these hotels centrally located near truck-friendly fueling stations, late-night restaurants, and fast-food places.

Certain brands offer free hotel breakfast, and the Wyndham Business Program simplifies corporate lodging payments. It’s worth a stop at a Wyndham when you’re ready to take a break on your route.

Wyndham Hotel Brands for Truckers

Wyndham’s multiple brands range from economy hotels, like Howard Johnson and Ramada, to upscale hotels that include Wyndham Grand and Club Wyndham.

You’ll find great amenities in each of them, like free Wi-Fi and comfortable rooms. But some are more trucker-friendly than others:

Super 8

Super 8’s simple approach to a comfortable hotel stay is perfect for truckers seeking a convenient rest stop.

The chain is known as the world’s largest budget hotel line. Guests receive access to high-speed Wi-Fi (although it’s not always free) and a free breakfast item.

If your aim is to find a clean, comfortable, and budget-friendly place to stay that also has a parking spot for your big rig, Super 8 fits the bill.

Days Inn

The Wyndham version of a Quality Inn, Days Inn is the family-friendly, affordable go-to for travelers. As a household name, people recognize the brand for its affordability, cleanliness, and reliability.

Guests enjoy free Wi-Fi and a free breakfast item. Many Days Inn hotels also have pools, hot tubs, and fitness centers for you to enjoy after a long day on the road.

When you want comfy and convenient accommodations but don’t need the frills of a luxury hotel, Days Inn is a trusted brand.

Other Wyndham Hotels for Truckers

Days Inn and Super 8 have the reputation of being the most truck-friendly Wyndham hotel chains. If you can’t find one of these two brands at the next exit and you need to get off the road, keep these brands in mind:

  • Howard Johnson
  • Ramada
  • Microtel
  • Travelodge
  • Baymont

Each of these is trucker-friendly when it comes to parking lot sizes and 24-hour lobby availability, and often, these stays are conveniently located.

When you stay at a Wyndham brand, you’re going to have a comfortable place to sleep, hot showers, and free coffee — the three things every trucker wants most!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Bookings

Once you find that home away from home where you know you’ll be welcome, you can start taking full advantage of your trucker perks.

With a few tricks and strategic booking tips, you can get the most out of those nights (and days) on the road.

These will pay off in dividends when you finally get that much-deserved time off, and you can vacation with your loved ones at a discount (or even for free).

Maximize Your Rewards With Loyalty Programs

It might mean giving out your email address, but we highly suggest signing up for every loyalty program you see. For every ten you don’t use, there will be at least one that you’ll rack up points with.

If you have a loyalty card at a certain hotel, try to use that brand the most. You’ll earn points with every stay, and those points can add up fast. Pay attention to which loyalty programs give the best rewards for your lifestyle, and try to stay with them whenever possible.

Do you pay your way and get reimbursed later? If so, be sure you pay with credit cards that accrue points for spending.

You’ll get your loyalty points from your hotel and credit card company. It’s a two-for-one winning combination for doing something you were going to do anyway!

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When you’re a trucker trying to grab a shower and a few hours of sleep, finding a hotel with a big enough parking lot for your truck can be tough.

Skip the small, random hotel hunts or overnights spent in unsafe truck stops and rest areas. Download Hotel Engine on Google Play (for Android) or your iOS device (for Apple) and book a Choice or Wyndham hotel today.

The front desk staff will be ready to welcome you with a hot cup of coffee and a smile, no matter when your 18 wheels roll into the truck parking lot!

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