Hotel Hacks: 6 Tips for a Better Hotel Stay

Audrey Fairbrother
November 7, 2017
Hotel Hacks: 6 Tips for a Better Hotel Stay

Business travel is often stressful and tiring. But if you approach your next trip with a few helpful tricks, you can turn a mundane work obligation into a productive and enjoyable out-of-town stay. At Hotel Engine, we start with the booking process and offer exclusive wholesale rates, 24/7 live customer support, and our own loyalty program, HE Rewards, for added incentive. To span check in to check out, here are six tips for making your next hotel trip as stress-free as possible.

Save money and earn points on your next hotel stay.

A worry-free business trip starts with a seamless hotel booking experience. On Hotel Engine, business travelers can save an average of 26% off rates at more than 150,000 hotels worldwide. And there’s no catch—it’s all available through a free membership with no contracts, annual fees, or spending minimums. All you need to do is signup with your business email, search, and book!

Avoid hotel Wi-Fi fees.

According to a recent survey, 80% of hotel guests rank internet access as the No. 1 most important hotel service. And for most business travelers, in-room Wi-Fi access is a necessity. Luckily, there are several ways you can avoid the fees that many hotels charge for this service. If you have an unlimited data plan, you can use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Don’t have data to spare? Most hotel lobbies have free Wi-Fi access where you can sit, work, and people watch for free.

Check in later in the day.

Receiving a free room upgrade may be one of the best perks of hotel hospitality. Here’s a helpful tip if you’re looking to score a more spacious hotel room. Hotel managers will have a better sense of their room inventory as it gets later in the day. If you ask politely, they may be able to switch you to a bigger room, if it’s available.

Book a room in the middle of the hallway.

The hotel noise level during your stay is often influenced by factors outside of your control. But if you prefer a quieter room, request a room towards the middle of the hallway when you check in. This will place you away from noisy elevators, ice machines, laundry rooms, and other communal areas so you can rest easier and get some peace and quiet.

Be kind to hotel employees.

Ever heard the saying, “A smile goes a long way”? This applies to your hotel stay, too. You may be surprised by the free upgrades, deals, and insider knowledge you can receive by treating the hotel staff well or tipping for great service.

Write a review of your experience.

Websites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google Reviews allow visitors to share their hotel experience with other travelers and the hotel itself. Many times, the hotel will respond to guest reviews, both positive and negative. You never know—you may just receive a free upgrade or discount on your next hotel stay.

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Audrey Fairbrother

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