Hotel Chains with Cool Coworking Spaces

Audrey Fairbrother
November 14, 2022
Hotel Chains with Cool Coworking Spaces

With the rise of hybrid and flexible working, more employees are choosing to work in co-working spaces when traveling. Thankfully, gone are the days when you’d have to scramble for a table in a noisy, packed coffee shop.

Now, you get to set up shop in dedicated hotel spaces designed with the modern-day worker in mind. Most shared working spaces have areas dedicated to various working environments, such as silent, focused work stations, call booths, laid-back and chatty collaboration areas, or a place to chill with a coffee and your lunch.

Whether you’re traveling for work and need to get some prep work done before your meetings, doing some bleisure travel (blending vacation days with a work trip) or just looking to mix up your WFH routine, we’ve found the perfect hotel co-working spaces for you.

Let’s dive right in.

Coworking space meeting

Cool coworking spaces in hotels

Here are some of the best hotel chains to set up your office on the go.


At Graduate hotels, the decor is so pleasing that you may wish to work at the desk in your room! Should you decide to venture down to the shared areas, you’ll be greeted with unique surroundings including colorful and comfortable furniture and inspiring decor. With like-minded workers around you, it won’t be long until your creative juices are flowing.

These shared spaces look so inviting, we’re sure that you’ll never want to leave!


Why work in a stuffy, gray box room when you can work in an Ascend hotel? At each of the hotels in the Ascend Collection by Choice Hotels, you can look forward to a unique experience.

These boutique hotels are inspired by the rich culture and history of the destination that they’re in. The art and amenities offered by the accommodations give you a true flavor of the local surroundings so that you can experience the culture without ever leaving the hotel!

Whichever location you choose to work remotely in, you’re guaranteed a pleasant experience — just try not to get too distracted by the yummy food and drink menus.

Group in coworking space


Cambria hotels are often situated in prime locations, making it quick and easy for employees to get from their lodging to wherever they’re needed.

This hotel chain is primed and prepped for remote workers, with dedicated, comfortable workspaces and plenty of charging outlets spread throughout.

Similar to Ascend hotels, Cambria locations take inspiration from their surroundings, ensuring that the local culture runs throughout the designs of their hotels.

Interested in a lunchtime workout? Don’t forget to check out their convenient and well-appointed gyms.


Hilton is a favorite with traveling workers all over the world. The major hotel chain caters to people who need to get a little work done while away from home.

If you’re looking for a distraction-free area, their in-room workstations may be the best choice for you. With plenty of desk space, a comfortable chair, speedy Wi-Fi and readily available refreshments, you’ll be set up to maximize your productivity.

Hilton properties offer a range of options to spend your working hours, with convenient spaces available in the lobby, lounge or dining areas. Some Hilton hotels boast beautiful rooftop views that will make your work feel like play.


Wyndham understands that lots of workers just want a great environment to get their work done. They combine the carefree feeling of vacation with practical work essentials to give you the ultimate “workcation.”

Working at a Wyndham doesn’t mean a drop in productivity. You’ll enjoy access to printers, fax machines and scanners, as well as the fun stuff like pools, wellness areas and gyms.

With three different packages to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice when remote working at Wyndham hotels.


If you’re traveling in a group, Drury offers spaces to host your small to midsize meetings. They offer additional upgrades, add-ons, and catering options to provide the best possible experience for your group.

Their award-winning service and amenities will be sure to give your team a great day working away from home and the office.

Amenities to look for in a hotel co-working space

Not sure what to look for in a hotel co-working space? Here are some factors that you may want to look out for to ensure that you have a great day at work, even far away from the office.

Comfortable, shared seating areas

Comfy and relaxed seating areas are a must. The specifics will depend on what you’ve got planned for your workday. If you’ll be on a computer all day, make sure that ergonomic setups are available so that you won’t end up with a sore neck and back from being hunched over. If your day is more focused on meetings or phone calls, you might be comfortable with café tables, armchairs or even oversized bean bags.


This one goes without saying — Wi-Fi makes our world go ‘round these days! It’s also a standard offering at any hotel that caters to business travelers. However, you might want to call ahead and double check on the Wi-Fi signal strength specific to where you plan on working (especially if it’s poolside or on the roof deck, for example). If your work requires lightning-fast Internet or an unusual amount of bandwidth, that could also warrant a phone call to confirm before you book.

Meeting rooms

Need somewhere quiet to impress your clients? Most hotels will offer meeting rooms. Call up in advance to check that it’s free and book yourself into the slot you need.

coworker with coffee


The great thing about remote working in hotels is the convenience, particularly at properties with several choices for refreshments. Browse their website to find out in advance what your options will be for snacks, refreshments and all-important coffee.

Pool and gym

Are you the type of worker who generates their best ideas while working out in the gym or swimming laps? Filter your hotel search for properties that offer the facilities you need to get your blood pumping so that you can relieve some stress and log on feeling energized.

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