Transportation companies save an average of 32% on lodging with Hotel Engine

Audrey Fairbrother
October 4, 2021
Transportation companies save an average of 32% on lodging with Hotel Engine

If you could shave 32% off your company’s overhead (and countless work hours) each year by streamlining just one process, would you do it?

This might seem like a pipedream, but it’s the reality for the more than 250 transportation and logistics companies we analyzed.

Transportation companies who utilized Hotel Engine to streamline their lodging management saved between 6-32% between 2020-2021 on their company’s lodging. This added up to a collective savings of more than $2.2 million.

That savings translates to more financial security during uncertain economic times.

How does Hotel Engine save money for this industry?

The truth is, most businesses with traveling employees aren’t using the right hotel booking tool. They’re either using online travel agencies that were built for tourists and lack savings potential, or they’re using travel management companies with inflexible options and expensive contracts.

Hotel Engine is the happy medium of these options — it’s free to use, but by leveraging collective bargaining power, it’s able to secure exclusive negotiated rates for its member base of vetted business travelers. That means significant savings on hotel costs.

Let’s take a look at the multiple ways transportation and logistics companies can save money, time and hassle by using a better hotel booking and management system.

Pre-negotiated hotel rates

You can spend hours negotiating local rates for each of your travelers’ hotel stays, and often, you can get a pretty good deal. Or, you can lean on a solution like Hotel Engine, who partners with a wide network of hotels and offer up pre-negotiated rates for their customers, allowing them to snag the most competitive rate on every stay. It saves you money without taking time and effort to negotiate and build a relationship with a hotel.

Find lodging close to your routes

Hotel Engine offers access to their network of hotels across the United States and around the world. Whether you’re moving your fleet across the country or coordinating logistics around the globe, you can find a hotel that not only complements your route but also maximizes your budget.

Save money on cancellation fees

The only constant is change, especially when it comes to transportation and logistics. If your company’s routes often change, it’s critical to ensure that you don’t lose out every time you cancel or modify a hotel reservation. Hotel Engine offers Flex, which guarantees money back for last-minute cancellations or even reservations that are shortened mid-stay.

Easily set budgets for your travelers

The best way to keep up with ever-changing routes may be to allow your employees to book their own lodging. But this can quickly blow your budget if travelers overspend.

The solution is a tool like Hotel Engine, which allows you to build your nightly budget into the platform by setting travel policies. These policies can be established per traveler or per department, and your travelers will only be shown hotels that fall into your set range of rates.

Rack up rewards points for even bigger savings

Sure, booking hotels is necessary for your business. But it’s also hugely beneficial to the hotels you’re choosing to stay at. Shouldn’t you earn something back for all that business you’re bringing them?

Travelers can earn points both through their booking tool and directly through the hotel brand. Both can help you save big in the long run — plus, allowing travelers to earn their own loyalty points can encourage loyalty and retention.

With Hotel Engine, you can earn both types of rewards! Hotel Engine Rewards can be redeemed toward any booking on the platform, with no blackout dates or restrictions. It’s another way that transportation and logistics companies are saving big.

Transportation and logistics

Hidden savings

Discounted rates and rewards redemption are obvious ways to save money. But look deeper and you’ll discover almost endless savings potential on your company’s most valuable asset: time.

Save time booking rooms

Booking hotel rooms for even one person can take time. Add multiple employees, multiple trips, and multiple hotel stays per trip, and you’re looking at countless hours knee-deep in a hotel booking engine, on the phone with a hotel customer service rep, or both. However, you can take back lost time with a booking solution that was built for the type of high-volume travel that your company does.

When it comes to transportation and logistics, time is, quite literally, money. Time spent managing hotel bookings can take away from time spent improving your routes or balancing your budgets. With Hotel Engine, you can tap into a pre-vetted network of hotels at pre-negotiated rates so you can secure hotels and save money in record time.

Save time managing reservations

In transportation and logistics, change is a when, not an if. But modifying reservations can take even more time than securing them the first time around! In addition to paying cancellation fees, you can easily find changed plans costing you more time than you have in a day.

Hotel Engine simplifies this process significantly. Modifying, cancelling or even extending a reservation can be done with just a few clicks within the platform. And for anything that isn’t so straightforward, their truly helpful Member Support team is available 24/7 to assist.

Save time reporting on travel expenses

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets. Though massive spreadsheets with complex formulas may seem like the best way to oversee your company’s travel activities, Hotel Engine can make accounting even easier.

Turn to an intuitive dashboards where your travel data is always at the ready. Access insights like total usage, spend and user activity, all of which will help you make more accurate budget projections and determine where costs can be cut. Then, export the reports you need to optimize your programs and streamline your processes.

It’s easy to get started with Hotel Engine

Instead of spending endless hours at your desk, wondering whether you’ve found the best hotels at the best rates, or trying to analyze and optimize your lodging programs, try Hotel Engine. The platform is not only completely free to use, but also comes with all the tools, analytics and insights you need to find hotels that are right for your routes and even better for your budgets.

Here’s why Hotel Engine is trusted by hundreds of companies in the transportation industry:

No fees, contracts or minimums

Many travel management companies (TMCs) lock you in with lengthy, expensive contracts and pricey fees on every booking. Hotel Engine works differently — there are no membership costs or minimum booking requirements. You can access our exclusive rates and robust tools at no cost to your company, so your savings won’t get eaten up by fees.

Network of 700,000+ hotels worldwide

Quickly find hotels along your routes using Hotel Engine’s extensive network hotels. Hotel Engine works with more than 700,000 properties across the U.S. and in 185+ countries, so you’ll be able to find pre-negotiated rates wherever your routes take you.

Robust rewards program

With Hotel Engine, you can save money in the short and long term. Save up to 60% on your business lodging, and also earn Hotel Engine Rewards with every booking made on the platform. You can also keep earning hotel chain loyalty points on bookings, giving you even more ways to maximize your lodging budget, or make your travelers happy. (You can actually calculate exactly how much your company can save here!)

Real time insights into travel activity

Hotel Engine takes lodging management off your hands, yet makes it even easier to keep your eye on your budgets. Easily manage your account with a clear overview of company hotel stays, savings, billing and more. Track your travel activity as you go with data like total usage, spend and user activity.

Ready to sign up?

Start saving today with Hotel Engine. Sign up now to start accessing exclusive rates at more than 700,000 hotels, all part of a headache-free hotel booking and management solution.

Wherever your routes take you, Hotel Engine is along for the ride!

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