How to Find the Right Corporate Lodging Solution for Your Construction Teams

Audrey Fairbrother
December 14, 2021
How to Find the Right Corporate Lodging Solution for Your Construction Teams

Demand for construction services in the US continues to grow. This means more and more construction crews are hitting the road for on-site projects. And more and more operations managers are having to organize their corporate lodging and travel — which is no small feat.

Keeping budgets in check poses a challenge, particularly when you consider that lodging costs on project-based trips tend to be 142% higher than for other types of business travel.

Managing reservations and keeping track of costs also takes up valuable time.

So how do you find the right corporate lodging for your construction teams without it eating up your time and budget too? Let's find out:

What to consider when booking corporate lodging for your construction teams

Construction team

Operations managers are constantly juggling a set of competing priorities. This is never truer than when booking construction crew lodging:

  • You need to keep your team happy and comfortable so they can arrive at the site ready for a day’s work.
  • You need to find lodging as close to the site as possible so precious time isn’t wasted on a daily commute.
  • You also need to keep that budget in check. Lodging simply can’t eat up too many dollars.

Types of corporate lodging solutions

There are a number of corporate lodging solutions out there. But — as we’ll see — not all of them truly fit the bill when it comes to corporate lodging for construction teams.

Online travel agencies

Online travel agencies — like Expedia and — provide a wide selection of hotels and an easy booking system. However, they’re not the best option if you’re reserving rooms for a large group or planning a long-term project stay.

They also don’t provide any analytics or reporting options — pretty useful tools to have when you’re tracking budgets and expenses and having to present them to clients.

Locally negotiated rates

Getting in touch with a local hotel direct is a good option if you’re planning a group stay. They’re more likely to offer discounts if they know a large number of rooms will be reserved for a significant duration of time.

However, this takes up a lot of your time. Finding the right hotels and negotiating on rates is a long-winded process. Another disadvantage is, again, the lack of reporting and analysis available to you when booking in this way.

Instead, try Hotel Engine

Luckily, there’s another option for operations managers looking to save time and money when organizing lodging for their construction teams — Hotel Engine.

How Hotel Engine can help

Hotel Engine is an ideal solution for construction companies organizing corporate lodging for their teams. It helps operations managers save money and free up time.

So what exactly does Hotel Engine do?

Hotel search

Hotel Engine currently partners with 700,000+ hotels across the US, Canada, and beyond—and that number is constantly growing.

This means you can always find a hotel in your project location, whether that’s a city center or somewhere more remote. You can also use our great search filter to find exactly the hotel amenities, loyalty program, and location you want for your team.

What’s more, Hotel Engine users get access to discounted room rates, up to 60% off. Or, you can set a maximum nightly rate for your teams which allows them the flexibility to book on their own while still staying in budget.

Top-notch savings

Here at Hotel Engine, we pride ourselves on transparent pricing. We promise that you won’t ever be landed with any hidden fees or costs.

Not only can you save up to 60% off lodging, but the Hotel Engine platform is also free to use. No contracts, no annual fees, and no minimum spend.

Travel dashboard

Managing corporate lodging for a construction crew isn’t just about finding the right accommodation.

What really sets Hotel Engine apart in meeting the needs of travel and operations managers is our incredibly useful travel dashboard.

Your Hotel Engine dashboard gives you:

  • Trip tracking tools that provide itineraries and mapped locations of all crews
  • Billing tools to track expenses and monitor ongoing lodging costs
  • Reporting features so you can get a real handle on the figures
  • The option to set specific travel policies for your members

Specialized group and project booking

For large group and long-term bookings, you can leave it all to the Hotel Engine Project Services team. If your group is too big to book on our platform, we’ll take care of all your construction project lodging, whatever the size and budget of your operation, and for no extra cost.

Our experienced team finds and books the very best hotels for your crew, ensuring they have everything they need from arrival to project completion.

Ready to sign up?

However big or small your construction company, Hotel Engine can help simplify your crew lodging organization.

With great search features, a comprehensive travel dashboard and an expert customer service team on hand, you can count on getting the accommodation your crew need for each and every project.

Make your corporate lodging more affordable and efficient, by contacting our team today. We’ll have your account up and running within one business day.

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