How to Manage Lodging for Project-Based Business Travel

Audrey Fairbrother
November 18, 2019
How to Manage Lodging for Project-Based Business Travel

When it comes to the design of the roads and bridges that we drive on, the buildings that we work in, and the overall operation and functionality of our own environment, one may not stop to think how these things run so smoothly.

However, there is a substantial amount of work, effort, and engineering that goes into it. Environmental services and project engineering are huge parts of our everyday lives, even if we may not realize it.  

Project crews and engineering consultants need the best resources possible in order to accomplish such tasks. In today’s world, the ever-advancing technology they have at their disposal is as robust as it’s ever been, and it’s only getting better every day.

What is most important when booking lodging for project-based teams?

There are many important factors that play into the role of an engineer or project managers lives, but one key part of that is project-based business travel. These crew members have jobs all across the country, and in even in the most rural areas of North America. Because of this demand, they need reliable technology to make this aspect of their work as easy and seamless as possible.  

Travel covers many different topics, but the one that is top of mind to these crew members is lodging. The ability to find and secure high-quality but affordable hotel accommodations within a timely manner is crucial. They also need to be as close to the job site as possible.

The less they are to and from the job site, the less transportation expenses they rack up — and the quicker they can complete their project. Distance to the job site is one of most important factors, as it ultimately gives them the ability to get back home to their families so they can enjoy their off time.

Due to the nature of their work and life circumstances, these project managers and engineers are always seeking out technology to allow them to have this balance.

Hotel booking technology for project-based business travel

This is where Hotel Engine comes into play. Whether it be a travel coordinator booking on behalf of crew members or the crew members booking themselves, they have confidence in our hotel booking platform and can rely on our technology almost every day.

With Hotel Engine, businesses can take advantage of our competitive and corporately negotiated rates that average 26% below public pricing. This is all due to the relationships we have established with our hotel partners. In addition, we have built-in reporting features and quick searching capabilities that allow the end user to find what they need in a timely manner, at a very competitive rate.

Travel coordinators and administrators have full visibility and insight into the company’s hotel activity within our centralized platform. They can also rely on our 24/7 Member Experience and Account Management Teams for any reservation modifications, as we all know plans change all the time.  

Other travel technology companies out there have volume commitments, contracts, or membership fees involved. Since Hotel Engine does not charge any account fees, companies are able to test out the platform at their disposal and determine the true value for their lodging needs. Over 25,000 businesses use Hotel Engine to book their lodging, and many project-based companies choose to book 100% of their lodging through our platform to save time for their travel coordinator and the traveler themselves.

Learn more about how Hotel Engine can make your group and extended stay bookings simpler to manage.

This article was written by Zac Oliver, National Account Executive at Hotel Engine.

Article written by
Audrey Fairbrother

Audrey Fairbrother is the Content and SEO Manager at Hotel Engine. She spends her days writing about all things business travel, researching topics that are important to Hotel Engine's audience and cultivating the company's brand voice.

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