How to Save Time, Money and Effort on Business Travel with a Corporate Lodging Solution

Audrey Fairbrother
August 4, 2021
How to Save Time, Money and Effort on Business Travel with a Corporate Lodging Solution

Business travel is a huge expense for many companies. Did you know that the average cost of a business trip totals $1,286?

Lodging accounts for the majority of that figure, while meals, flights and car rentals make up the rest.

But it’s not all bad news. For every dollar spent on business travel, companies see a $2.90 increase in profit and a $9.50 increase in revenue. So, business travel is at least well worth the investment.

Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be great if you could make that same amount of profit and revenue with a smaller business travel spend?

That idea isn’t as crazy as you might think. Many companies rely on an unmanaged business travel system. They waste time, effort and money by manually organizing their work trips.

By choosing a corporate lodging solution for all of your hotel bookings, you automate a lot of the process, achieving cheaper and more efficient business travel as a result.

So how exactly does a corporate lodging solution save companies time, effort and ultimately, money? Let’s dive into the details.

How a corporate lodging solution can save you time

Book faster
When it comes to booking your business travel, the best corporate lodging solutions are designed to be easy and speedy. Search and filter functions allow you to find the right accommodation for your trip. There are lots of options to choose from so you’ll always find something that fits the bill. And when it comes to booking, all it takes is a few clicks.

Get more efficient support
We’ve all been there – waiting for what seems like forever, on hold to speak to a customer advisor. And that’s if you actually manage to find a phone number to call. Not the most effective use of your time.

When you book business travel direct or through one of the big online travel agents, speaking to a real person isn’t always easy.

But book with the right corporate lodging solution and chances are you’ll be able to call up a dedicated customer service team, available quickly day and night. If you need to change or query a booking (and can’t do it through the user interface), they’ll be on hand to help.

Save time on reporting
Corporate lodging solutions allow you to create business travel reports. Because all of your booking information is in the same place, report creation is automated. This is just one more way that a corporate lodging solution saves you time.

How a corporate lodging solution can save you money

Room rates
Because corporate lodging solutions essentially make bulk bookings with their hotel partners, they get access to the very best rates.

When you’re booking through a corporate lodging solution you can expect savings between 10% to 60%. No negotiation needed on your part. Why? Because hotels love verified business travelers, and they’re willing to give you a deal to get your business.

Find the right corporate lodging solution and you won’t pay any extra in fees.

Some companies will charge a membership fee along with booking and cancellation fees. But a platform like Hotel Engine is completely free to use. This means the savings you make on room rates aren’t canceled out by payments made to the corporate lodging service.

Effective oversight
A corporate lodging solution gives you access to your travel data. Figures on how and where you’re spending your travel budget are readily available.

When you have such effective oversight, it’s easy to see where savings can be made. By giving you access to the bigger picture, corporate lodging solutions help you to spend less.

How a corporate lodging solution can save you effort

It’s a one-stop-shop
When you make all of your business travel bookings through a corporate lodging solution, you get all of your travel information in one place.

This means you don’t have to call individual hotels to alter your bookings. You don’t need to reference different websites or documents to get an overview of your trip. You don’t need to sift through receipts to get a clear idea of your business travel spend.

A corporate lodging solution provides you with a dashboard where you can effortlessly view, make and change your bookings.

Easier billing process
Reconciling and paying a number of different hotels each and every month takes a lot of time and effort. When you book through a corporate lodging solution, you often get the option to pay just one monthly bill.

Group booking support
Booking a number of hotel rooms for an extended period of time takes a lot of effort if you deal with hotels direct. You’ll need to negotiate discounted rates and find the right hotel for your project.

The best corporate lodging solutions will do all of that for you. Dedicated project service teams will arrange complex reservations, finding you the best rates and rooms for your team.

Why choose Hotel Engine as your corporate lodging solution?

Hotel Engine is a corporate lodging solution that promises to save you time, money and effort.

We offer our members a choice of 400,000+ hotels in the US, Canada and beyond. Our booking system is quick and easy to use. And your business travel dashboard makes it easy to view or amend your reservations.

Get insight into your business travel spend and trends with powerful reporting tools. Get in touch with our team to arrange long-term or group bookings. And count on 24/7, US-based customer support.

You can also make the most of our rewards program while still collecting points from your favorite hotel chains.

So how about our prices? You can expect room rates up to 60% off on your business lodging, which means huge hotel savings whether you’re a growing start-up or a global enterprise.

What’s more, Hotel Engine is completely free to join, and does not require a contract. We don’t charge our members booking fees or minimums, now or in the future.

Ready to try Hotel Engine today? Sign up and you can be saving time, money and effort on your business travel in just one business day.

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