Top Oil and Gas Conferences in the United States

Sara Kern
April 7, 2023
Top Oil and Gas Conferences in the United States

The largest annual oil and gas conference in the world is ADIPEC, which takes place annually in October in Abu Dhabi.

For U.S. oil & gas professionals that can’t make it to the UAE this year, there are other industry conferences to attend closer to home.

Here are ten of the top conferences in the U.S. for the oil and gas industry (almost one per month)!

NOTE: This list is in chronological order, based on 2023 conference dates.

Table of Contents

1. Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference
2. Roseland West Texas Oil & Gas Convention
3. Offshore Technology Conference
4. AIEN 2023 International Energy Summit
5. SGA Natural Gas Connect
6. EnerCom Denver
7. Annual Digitalization in Oil and Gas Conference
8. Oklahoma Expo 2023
9. North American Gas Forum
10. Executive Oil Conference and Exhibition

Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference

February 20-23, 2023
The Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference is a well-respected forum in which to share new ideas in the gas conditioning, gas processing and gas sweetening industries. Presented by the University of Oklahoma in February of each year, this conference covers a wide range of industry topics, including:

  • New technologies
  • Gas plant design best practices
  • CO2 and H2S removal technologies

Roseland West Texas Oil & Gas Convention

March 22-23, 2023
The Roseland West Texas Oil & Gas Convention takes place annually each March in Midland, Texas. This trade show features over 100 exhibitors and attracts thousands of visitors, offering excellent opportunities to meet and network with companies specializing in equipment, manufacturing, drilling and well services, oil and gas production and more.

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Offshore Technology Conference

May 1-4, 2023
The Offshore Technology Conference is one of the largest oil and gas conferences in North America. The OTC occurs annually in Houston, Texas each May and features over 1000 exhibitors. It attracts more than 50,000 industry professionals each year and takes place over a four-day period that includes technical presentations and sessions, forums, symposiums and renowned guest speakers.

AIEN 2023 International Energy Summit

Attendees at an oil and gas conference

May 30 – June 1, 2023
In 2023, the AIEN International Energy Summit will take place in Miami, Florida. This year’s summit will include a series of workshops, moderated discussions, speeches, and presentations from industry professionals.

Featured topics to be discussed at this year’s conference are:

  • How States are Addressing the Energy Trilemma: Globalization vs. Localization
  • Natural Gas: Fueling the Energy Transition?
  • Balancing Energy Security, Economic Security, and Climate Security
  • Traditional vs. New Resources: Competing or Complementary?
  • Understanding How Critical Minerals Influence the Energy Trilemma
  • Power Systems in Transition: Infrastructure Development & Electrification Challenges
  • Blue or Green? Which Way Will Latin America Turn?
  • Action in ESG or Backlash
  • Developing Energy Leaders for a Diverse and Inclusive Energy Transition
  • Financing the Energy Future – How Will Companies and Countries Pay for the Energy Transition?

SGA Natural Gas Connect

June 12-15, 2023
The SGA Natural Gas Connect conference is an annual conference that will take place in 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky. Featuring unique networking opportunities (often with a theme, like “Derby”) and the well-respected SGA awards for excellence in the industry, this conference is a must for great educational sessions with speakers and access to the newest products and services.

EnerCom Denver

August 13-16, 2023
EnerCom Denver, which occurs in Denver, Colorado each August, is an investor conference that brings together portfolio managers, financial analysts, CIOs and leading energy companies. The daily schedule features speakers and investor presentations focusing on outlooks for drilling, production and capital expenditure. Attending visiting investors and analysts can also arrange one-on-one meetings with presenters.

EnerCom also hosts EnerCom Dallas, which is scheduled for April 18-19, 2023.

Annual Digitalization in Oil and Gas Conference

Speaker at an oil and gas conference

September 14-15, 2023
The Annual Digitalization in Oil and Gas Conference takes place each September in Houston, Texas. This conference features over 100 speakers, hosts one-on-one meetings and attracts attendees including oil and gas technology executives and digital technology companies. It’s a unique opportunity to network and share ideas with upstream, midstream and downstream operators.

The focus is on the oil and gas industry’s digitization challenges, and this year attendees can learn about a variety of unique opportunities, such as:

  • Blockchain technology
  • Using technology to improve outcomes in ESG and productivity
  • Innovations in bandwidth communications
  • Building a flexible infrastructure

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Oklahoma Expo 2023

October 12, 2023
Taking place each October in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas Expo 2023 is the longest running and largest oil and natural gas event in the state. Attracting over 3,000 attendees and featuring more than 200 exhibitors, this conference is free to attend and includes multiple networking events as well as social events such as a golf tournament and a BBQ competition.

North American Gas Forum

October 23-25, 2023
Senior level executives, government representatives and other decision-makers gather in Washington D.C. every year for the North American Gas Forum. Featuring over 45 expert speakers, this conference takes place over a three-day period and includes panels, discussions, fireside chats and networking opportunities with leaders in the oil and gas industry.

Topics that will be discussed at this conference include:

  • Decarbonization
  • Emission reduction goals
  • The role of energy in national security
  • Producing sustainable and renewable energy for the future

Executive Oil Conference and Exhibition

November 16, 2023
The Executive Oil Conference and Exhibition takes place in Midland, Texas each November. At this conference, speakers and industry executives discuss and share insights into industry trends, new technologies and energy security. This year will include discussions on recent developments made within the U.S. and the Permian Basin.

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Dozens of oil and gas summits around the world attract tens of thousands of attendees every year, but you don’t have to fly to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia or any other far-off country to attend one.

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