On the Road: Staying Energized During Business Travel

Audrey Fairbrother
October 19, 2016
On the Road: Staying Energized During Business Travel

Business travel can be exhausting. Between jam-packed schedules and back-to-back meetings, traveling for work often requires travelers to rush around, with no time to breathe. And while we love coffee as much as the next business traveler, it takes more than caffeine to stay energized while traveling.

From eating healthy and staying active, to maintaining your daily routines, here are our tips on staying healthy and revitalized on the road.

Eat healthy.

Airport snacks and fast-food meals are convenient for travelers on the go. However, these guilty pleasures can take a toll on your energy levels. In many cases, highly-processed meals contain excessive amounts of carbs, sugar, fat, and sodium.

Pack healthy snacks such as crackers, granola, or raw nuts to stay energized. As we’ve already mentioned, eating snacks every three hours or so not only satiates appetite and sustains your energy. Take sugar amounts into consideration, as it’s usually hiding in most ‘healthy’ snacks. Too much sugar can lead to a potential energy crash later on.

Get comfortable.

Whether you’re flying, driving, or taking a train, spending multiple hours in transit can become uncomfortable. Packing and dressing wisely can help eliminate any unnecessary discomfort.

While packing for a special occasion may require additional items, most travelers can get by with the basics. In most situations, one pair of pants, one jacket, and several shirts will do. Similarly, two pairs of shoes usually suffice: a dress pair for events, and a pair of comfortable shoes for walking around.

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Stay active.

One of the biggest challenges of traveling for business is being forced out of your daily routine. Whether you prefer lifting at the gym or jogging around your local park, many of us have exercise routines that get us through the week.

There are plenty of work out routines that require nothing more than your natural surroundings. Circuit workouts utilize multiple muscles, spike your heart rate, and burn calories. And even better, they can be done right in your hotel room.

Sleep well.

Between late nights after tradeshows, and drinks with clients—it can be hard to maintain your normal sleep habits on the road. Add an unfamiliar hotel room and bed into the mix, and it’s no wonder travelers tend to feel exhausted, come morning.

To encourage steady shut-eye, make your room as comfortable as possible. Pack a travel pillow or comfortable socks to sleep in. Use a pair of earplugs and an eye mask to dose off. Power down all electronics 90 minutes before bed and read a book or the newspaper. And keep to your regular habits as much as possible.

Consistency is key when it comes to staying energized on the road.

Take some personal time.

The concept of “bleisure” (a combination of “business” and “leisure”) has taken the business travel industry by storm. This portmanteau is less trend than it is lifestyle—many travelers have been mixing work and play for years. Don’t be afraid to follow suit and mix business travel with leisure-based activities.

Planning ahead of time can make your business trip much more enjoyable. Whether it’s something small like walking to a monument, or more time-consuming, like attending a baseball game, we almost guarantee you can squeeze sight-seeing into your schedule if you plan accordingly.

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