How Your Relocation Company Can Save Instantly on Hotels

Audrey Fairbrother
December 29, 2014
How Your Relocation Company Can Save Instantly on Hotels

As a relocation company, your main responsibility is to help individuals and businesses move—sometimes across the state, sometimes across the country—with as little stress and as little hassle as possible. The best way you can do this is by providing the right services at the right prices to meet your clients’ needs.The top concern for many, if not all, people going through the moving process is where they will live. Traditional temporary housing, such as corporate apartments, has long been the industry standard for short-term stays. But this isn’t always the best option: sometimes the lease terms or the location just aren’t right for your clients. In those cases, hotels (especially extended-stay hotels) can be a great alternative as they provide more flexibility. In addition, since they are targeted toward corporate travelers, they are often located within easy striking distance of major business areas.This extra convenience and flexibility doesn’t necessarily have to entail extra costs. By opening a Hotel Engine for Business registered business account, your relocation company can gain instant access to deeply discounted hotel rooms. And when we say “deeply discounted,” we mean serious discounts—Hotel Engine for Business members save up to 60% over the prices found on traditional travel sites.Here are four ways a Hotel Engine for Business account can instantly save your relocation firm money:

1. Lower hotel rates

Our rates are up to 60% less than what you will find on other booking sites. On average, our business partners save $32 per night.

2. No security deposits

Unlike apartment leases, you never pay security deposits on hotels.

3. Reduced accounting workload

Hotel Engine for Business’s centralized platform reduces your accounting workload by providing a single monthly invoice and direct bill.

4. No contract, set-up, or agent assist fees

With Hotel Engine for Business, the pricing is transparent. You will never be charged contract, set-up, or agent assist fees. Nor will you pay any cancellation fees other than those required by the hotel.Hotel Engine for Business can help you offer your clients more options and better value. Sign up for your registered business account today.

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