Hotel Engine Experiences Triple-Digit Growth in Annual Bookings and Employee Base in Q1 2022

Audrey Fairbrother
April 20, 2022
Hotel Engine Experiences Triple-Digit Growth in Annual Bookings and Employee Base in Q1 2022

Travel technology leader also achieves rapid growth in customers and membership; new features take the world’s largest Lodging Performance Network to new heights

DENVER, April 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Travel technology leader Hotel Engine today announced its annual core bookings grew by 176% in the first quarter of 2022, year over year. The strong business results were supported by new platform innovations and the tremendous growth of its workforce.

“Heading into Q1, we had significant momentum that we have been able to build on throughout this year,” said Elia Wallen, founder and CEO, Hotel Engine. “True to our company DNA, our team continues to move at unprecedented speed and action. In Q1, we launched major customer-facing product features and continued to accelerate our hiring to keep pace with business demand.”

Growth across key metrics

Hotel Engine’s growth in its annual bookings is attributable to growth across two key metrics: business accounts and individual members. Specifically, it:

  • Added more than 2,800 businesses
  • Increased membership by more than 40,000

New innovations and features

In Q1, Hotel Engine launched 59 features. These innovations all share a common focus, improving the customer experience within three key pillars: savings, convenience and service.

“From our humble beginnings of supporting one industry, we’ve successfully expanded our offering to now support businesses of any size, large or small, across all industries with a traveling workforce,” noted Wallen.

Becoming a Destination for Talent

Additionally, Hotel Engine boosted its workforce by 119 new associates in Q1, which represents 276% growth year-over-year. With the additions, the company now has over 400 team members and is on track to meet its annual goal of 700 associates by end of year. New staff members are being added in every department, including Product, Engineering, Sales and Member Support.

In March, the company announced the promotion of Danielle Press to Senior Vice President of Sales, and Amita Agnihotri to Senior Vice President of Product.

About Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine is the world’s largest Lodging Performance Network, established to create a richer, more rewarding business travel experience by connecting a global network of businesses and lodging partners. The collective power of the network delivers significant savings, convenience and choice to business travelers, while driving significant and differentiated business to lodging partners. Hotel Engine is trusted by 600,000+ individual members across 40,000+ businesses and 700,000 hotels in 185+ countries.

To learn more, visit or follow Hotel Engine on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Interested in using Hotel Engine to streamline your business lodging? Visit

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Audrey Fairbrother
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Audrey Fairbrother

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