Invite Friends, Save More with Hotel Engine’s Referral Program

Audrey Fairbrother
July 10, 2014
Invite Friends, Save More with Hotel Engine’s Referral Program

As the saying goes, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

The same goes for helping your friends travel with Hotel Engine!

We love sharing the perks that come with Hotel Engine membership — like exclusive discounts at top hotels around the world and dedicated top-notch customer support — so we’ve made it even more rewarding to invite your friends to join.

Hotel Engine members can invite friends to join the platform, and we’ll set each of them up with a $25 Travel Credit to get started. When your friends completes their first booking, you’ll receive $25 of your own! And after five referrals have completed a booking on Hotel Engine, you’ll get a $50 bonus added to your account.

That means a total of $175 in Travel Credits could be yours, just for sharing the gift of discounted lodging. What can we say? Being a good friend really pays off around here.

How to invite your friends to Hotel Engine

Inviting your friends to Hotel Engine is easy. Start by logging in and visiting the Refer a Friend dashboard on your profile (you can find it any time under the hotel search bar).

Then, just enter the email address of the friends you want to refer. You can enter multiple email addresses at the same time.

When your friend creates their account, they’ll have a $25 credit waiting for them. And once they complete their first stay, you’ll automatically receive your credit as well! You can also track your referrals within this dashboard. It shows everyone you’ve referred, whether they’ve created their account, and when they complete a booking.

From here, you can watch your Travel Credits add up as new friends come on board!

How to redeem your credit

Inviting your friends is easy, but redeeming your Travel Credit is even easier.

To use your credit, just make your booking as normal. When you get to the payment screen, select “Apply Travel Credit.” The amount you redeem will be deducted from your balance owed.

Travel Credits never expire, and you can redeem as much or as little as you want with every reservation. Best of all, you’ll still earn HE Reward points (and any applicable brand-specific loyalty points) with every reservation you book using your credits — so you can save money and earn more at the same time.

Refer your friends today, and start stacking up Travel Credits toward your next big trip!

Not a Hotel Engine member yet? Sign up here for a free account.

Audrey Fairbrother
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Audrey Fairbrother

Audrey Fairbrother is the Content and SEO Manager at Hotel Engine. She spends her days writing about all things business travel, researching topics that are important to Hotel Engine's audience and cultivating the company's brand voice.

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