Team Member Spotlight: Caley Weinstein, Operations and Strategy Analyst

Audrey Fairbrother
December 18, 2008
Team Member Spotlight: Caley Weinstein, Operations and Strategy Analyst

Here at Hotel Engine, we believe a company is only as extraordinary as its people. We’ve dedicated ourselves to improving the lives of business travelers but want to show off the people who help make that happen. Every month, we’ll be doing a Q&A with one of our amazing team members to showcase the folks behind the scenes of Hotel Engine.

Caley joined us in 2018 as an Account Executive on the Hotel Engine Sales team, but she is now an Operations and Strategy Analyst. Her knowledge of the company and spunky personality are what make her an incredible addition to our team. So, let’s get to know Caley!

Where are you from?

I’m a Colorado native!

Do you have a nickname at work?

I don’t think I do. Open to suggestions though.

What’s your favorite part about your team?

I get to work with every department and love how everyone has such a great work ethic and gets things done with humor.

What’s your spirit animal and why?

Probably a Corgi. They are petite, and a solid mix of cute but fierce.

What do you love about working for Hotel Engine?

I love getting to work with such creative and passionate people.

What do you like to do when you’re not at the office?

I spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I love experiencing different types of food and finding new spots to eat in Denver.

Let’s hear it for your humble brag!

I read the dog encyclopedia as a child, so I have an expansive knowledge of breeds and training techniques.

What’s your favorite HE value?

“Be a bridge, not a wall. "

What’s your favorite thing about living in Colorado?

I love being able to take a quick trip to the mountains to escape!

If you’re interested in working with people like Caley, join our incredible team! Check out our open positions on the Hotel Engine Careers Page.

Audrey Fairbrother
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Audrey Fairbrother

Audrey Fairbrother is the Content and SEO Manager at Hotel Engine. She spends her days writing about all things business travel, researching topics that are important to Hotel Engine's audience and cultivating the company's brand voice.

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