Team Member Spotlight: Jessie Hiester, Strategic Sourcing Coordinator

Audrey Fairbrother
April 3, 2008
Team Member Spotlight: Jessie Hiester, Strategic Sourcing Coordinator

At Hotel Engine, we believe a company is only as extraordinary as its people. We’ve dedicated ourselves to improving the lives of business travelers and want to show off the people who help make that happen. On a regular basis, we will introduce one of our amazing team members to showcase the folks behind the scenes of Hotel Engine.

Jessie Hiester, who recently celebrated her four-year anniversary at Hotel Engine, is currently the Strategic Sourcing Coordinator on the Project Services team. In about a week, Jessie will take on a new challenge at the company by joining the Engineering team as Production Support Analyst. In her new role, she will review, analyze and determine solutions for various bugs submissions. Learn more about Jessie below.


Where are you from?

Conifer, CO - a community in the foothills west of Denver.

What do you love about working for Hotel Engine?

I love the people. It is such a collaborative environment and everyone has so much to bring to the table.

What does an average day look like for you at Hotel Engine?

In my current role, I always check my email when I get in to catch up on any group or extended stay orders. Then, I start sourcing hotel options. When clients want to move forward, I book the groups and extended stays and make sure hotels have payment.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I grew up in the mountains so I enjoy getting outdoors when I can. I am also on an improv comedy team so when the world opens up, I look forward to getting back to performing!

Additionally, I like to read, watch movies and tv shows, cook as well as hang out with my family and friends and boyfriend.

Let’s hear it for your humble brag!

I performed on a cruise ship! When I was 12, my dance studio was offered a job to perform on the cruise. It was during Thanksgiving break and my parents couldn’t come because we had family from out of town visiting. I still got to go and room with my best friend. I thought it was the coolest thing. Not only did I get to dance on a cruise ship, but I got to go on vacation without my parents and be with my best friend the entire time!

What’s your favorite HE DNA Attribute?

Together We Thrive

What’s your favorite thing about living in Colorado?

There is so much to do and the weather is great, and I love the mountains!

What’s your favorite travel destination and why?

Paris, France! I did a summer study abroad in Paris before my senior year of college. I enjoyed getting to know the city and seeing all the sights, plus the food was delicious!

What is a little known fact about you?

Recently, I have become a huge fan of the show, Survivor! (I know I am a little late on the Survivor game but I am obsessed with it!)

If you’re interested in working with people like Jessie, join our incredible team! Check out our open positions on the Hotel Engine Careers Page.

Audrey Fairbrother
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Audrey Fairbrother

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