Streamline lodging for your construction crews

From well-appointed accommodations near job sites to easy hotel lodging management, we take the work out of booking rooms for your entire crew. Maximize budgets with deep savings and allocate your resources where they matter most.

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Simplify lodging management
for every jobsite

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Easily manage multiple trips

Trip tracking tools provide itineraries and mapped locations of all your crews so you know where everyone is and when, ensuring coverage across projects.

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Get full budget control

Track expenses, monitor ongoing lodging costs, and access reporting features to help with future planning. With us, you get full budget control for every project.

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Set travel policies

By setting maximum nightly rates for travelers, you can give your crews the freedom to book their own stays without worrying about exceeding budget.

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Get your $50 hotel credit!

Be the first person from your company to sign up and get a $50 hotel credit. No membership fees, no contracts, no credit card needed.

Optimize accommodations
for your construction crews with ease

Support for group lodging

Hand off the hassle of group bookings and long-term stays to your dedicated Group Sales Manager. Our dedicated team will give you options and always deliver properties that are within your desired budget.

Reward your crews

Hotel Engine Rewards accumulate with every reservation. Your crew can also earn points from 15+ top hotel loyalty programs on eligible rooms by applying their loyalty information to their traveler profile.

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Support in the field

Our US-based support team is available 24/7. Help is never more than a click or call away for lodging support, trip modifications, and more.

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Extend stays in a few clicks

When travelers need to spend a little more time on site than originally planned, they can easily add nights to right from the Hotel Engine app.

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"I love Hotel Engine. It has made my job so much easier when it comes to booking hotel rooms for our field guys. I have had very few issues, but when I did, they rectified it quickly. They are very helpful."

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Frequently asked questions

How does Hotel Engine streamline lodging management for construction companies?

Hotel Engine streamlines lodging management for construction companies with its centralized platform, simplifying booking across various job sites. Direct Bill consolidates lodging expenses into a single statement, eliminating the need for individual reimbursements and reducing administrative tasks. This efficient management of accommodations and payments allows companies to focus more on their projects, making Hotel Engine an essential tool for construction companies looking to optimize their lodging logistics.

What unique problems does Hotel Engine solve for construction companies?

Construction companies often face challenges in finding accommodations near remote or multiple job sites and managing changes due to project shifts. Hotel Engine addresses these by allowing saved locations for quick bookings and offering flexible options for trip modifications, ensuring workers have suitable lodging wherever their projects take them​​​​.

How can Hotel Engine save construction companies time?

With features like saved locations, construction companies can quickly book hotels near job sites without entering the same details repeatedly. This, combined with the mobile app's intuitive design, enables fast, on-the-go bookings, in as little as two clicks, saving valuable time​​.

Can construction companies manage accommodations for large crews with Hotel Engine?

Yes, Hotel Engine's Groups was designed to support large crew accommodations, offering end-to-end service for group trips, extended stays, or custom reservations, making it easier to find and book lodging for the entire crew​​.

What tools does Hotel Engine provide for tracking and optimizing travel spending?

Construction companies can access Trends & Reporting, a feature offering personalized metrics, charts on spend, savings, and bookings, helping companies monitor and optimize their travel expenditures effectively​​. With customer fields, you can break out reports by key fields such as job codes or site numbers.