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7 Simple Ways to Drive Down Lodging Costs

Don’t let the challenging economic conditions facing the Transportation and Logistics industry hold your company back. Discover the benefits of a cost-effective logistics travel program that can save you time and money.

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In this e-book,
we answer questions like:

  • How can I make my travel program more cost-effective?
  • How does attrition affect budgeting?
  • How can I increase employee retention?
  • What travel policies should I have in place?
  • How can I simplify the booking process?
  • How can I avoid losing money on lodging when timelines change?
  • How to leverage tools to simplify your trip management process overall

In their own words

Claudia B
"The tiered travel policies provides the flexibility for individual travelers, without impacting the larger company lodging goal."

Claudia B

SRP Companies

Nick C
"There’s no fighting with hotels, faxing credit cards, or email authorizations. It’s one click, book, done.”

Nick C

Combined Transport

Nancy K
“Having the ability to get eight people in one reservation — and cancel if they change their mind — is a dream come true.”

Nancy K

Aspen Square

Ray V
"I find it very user friendly; I find the rates to be unbeatable, and I find that the flexibility is wonderful."

Ray V

PRO Building Systems

Holly M
"The extensive options, pricing, rewards program and 24/7 customer service are only a few reasons we knew this was the right company to assist us.”

Holly M

Cascade Health