5 Hotel Apps That You Should Know About

Audrey Fairbrother
May 23, 2013
5 Hotel Apps That You Should Know About

Everywhere you look you’re bombarded by companies asking you to download their new app. With overwhelming advertising for travel apps it’s hard to decipher which ones are actually worth your time.

Lucky for us, there are a few hotels that are dedicated to creating apps that deliver value.

Five hotel apps worth noting:

  1. Fontainebleau App This app starts with a flash of beautiful Miami landscape then offers a rundown of the city. It helps you easily explore the nightlife, restaurants, recreation and shopping, complete with appealing images and relevant information. Added bonus, it can even help you find towels at the pool!

Our vote: Download if you are traveling to Miami. I would highly recommend this app as your own personal guide to the city.

  1. The Ritz Carlton App The Ritz has hopped on board the QR train directing users to “unlock stories, features, and experiences” while staying at their hotels. If that doesn’t entice you the app can also be used to order room service, search nearby explorations or call the front desk.

Our vote: Download if you typically take advantage of hotel indulgences.

  1. Starwood Hotels and Resorts App When you use this app now through July 31st you get double Starpoints on all available stays plus an extra 500 when booked through your mobile phone, which for avid travelers is incentive enough. The app includes destination lists, hotel amenities and new offers to save, all laid out on a tropical backdrop that makes you want to book your next vacation right then and there.

Our vote: Download if you travel often enough to acquire points.

  1. The Marriott International App While this app may not have all the bells and whistles as others, it could be worth downloading simply for the rewards points granted to mobile users. The app allows you to book hotels at any available location, but if Marriotts are not usually your hotel of choice then it is probably not worth the extra phone space.

Our vote: Download if Marriotts are your go to hotels.

  1. The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills App This one only works at a specific location, but well worth mentioning. The app includes a clickable slideshow where you can schedule housekeeping, request a wake-up call, view the hotel restaurant menu, and take a tour of the city. It’s like your own personal concierge equipped with everything a guest could want.

Our vote: This Four Seasons app will set the precedent for more Four Seasons apps to come. Definitely worth the download.

By developing apps that give travelers the power to take control of their trips, the hotel industry is setting the standard for digital relationships. And for those of you that feel like owning your trip without dealing with the front desk, there’s an app for that.

Featured image by Brendon Connelly [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Flickr

Audrey Fairbrother
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Audrey Fairbrother
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