Why Your Institution Should Offer Travel Perks

Audrey Fairbrother
August 24, 2017
Why Your Institution Should Offer Travel Perks

The Hotel Engine team is thrilled to attend the NACAS C3X Conference from November 5-8 this year. It’ll be in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is right in our backyard!

An annual event, C3X focuses on further developing and enriching the campus experience by bringing together educational institutions and comprehensive auxiliary services. With 700 companies and 200 NACAS partners, this year’s event is sure to generate brilliant ideas throughout its information and networking sessions. In preparation, we’ve put together how higher education institutions could benefit from offering a travel perk such as Hotel Engine to their faculty, students, and alumni.

Save on your next out-of-state conference lodging & boost faculty morale.

At the very core of every university is the faculty and administration that keep it running like a well-oiled machine. Part of what keeps faculty satisfied with their jobs is an enticing benefits package, which can boost employee morale and retention rates. In fact, 59% of U.S. employees say wellness benefits (that includes travel!) would increase their loyalty to their employer company or institution. Save your faculty money on their next personal hotel stay, or even save your university money on the next overnight educational conference.

Improve your student retention and attraction rates.

Of the 44 million Americans who attend college, only 54.8% of students graduate within 6 years. While there are many reasons why students drop out of college, higher education institutions can make more of an effort to retain them by offering a variety of perk and discount programs. Additionally, your institution could offer a travel perk to prospective students who plan on staying and visiting campus. Ultimately, it’s a way to boost your student recruitment program.

Increase alumni support and network donations.

Maintaining a large, active alumni network is important for higher education institutions because engaged alumni uphold its reputation as well as help sustain it through donations and volunteer efforts. Keeping your alumni happy and involved is important. However, 93% of alumni organizations currently choose not to offer their alumni any benefits. What’s a better way to thank your alumni for their continued support and donations than offering the ultimate travel perk? Hotel Engine can connect them to discounts for their next hotel stay, such as those frequent trips back to their alma mater.

Audrey Fairbrother
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Audrey Fairbrother
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