Hotels Accommodate Guests with 24 Hour Stays and Late Check-Outs

Audrey Fairbrother
July 8, 2013
Hotels Accommodate Guests with 24 Hour Stays and Late Check-Outs

Hotels are revamping traditional check-in/check-out systems by offering late check-outs and 24-hour stays. Which is a hit with guests considering the process always seems to be a fight against time between too early and too late. Lucky for us, hotels have taken note and are implementing ways to end this ongoing battle once and for all.

Go ahead, sleep in…

It’s your last morning on vacation, and all you want is to relax and sleep in. But with a quick glance at the alarm clock, your early morning checkout creeps up on you. Don’t you wish you could avoid this daunting moment?

Now you can. Hotels like Hyatt Union Square New York and Westin Hotels & Resorts are just a couple of the hotels embracing a late checkout on Sundays. Some are even making the offer for every day of the week like Radisson Blu, depending on availability.

Get what you pay for…

Checking is just as taxing as checking out, especially when it comes to getting your moneys worth. That’s why a new trend of 24 hour stays is popping up. Guests can check in at any time and leave 24 hours later.

The idea is to give guests the full experience of what they pay for. So whether you’re arriving at 11am or 6pm, you don’t feel slighted.

It’s hard to say whether these trends will catch on, but we’re excited that a few hotels are taking notice of our early morning frustrations and taking action. We hope this is just the first step towards more flexible hotel stays.

Featured image by Liz Lawley [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Audrey Fairbrother
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