How to Improve Your Lodging Program with Hotel Engine Reporting and Analytics

Audrey Fairbrother
October 10, 2019
How to Improve Your Lodging Program with Hotel Engine Reporting and Analytics

Do you spend endless hours tracking and managing your company’s lodging needs? Look no further — Hotel Engine offers premium reporting tools to help streamline and centralize your workforce travel.

Hotel Engine is a private booking platform that offers holistic views into your company’s lodging activity, spend, and savings. Our user-friendly Dashboard allows you to personalize your company’s corporate account, magnifying what is most important to your company.

Trends tab analytics

The Trends tab in the Hotel Engine platform offers a deep dive into your company’s upcoming, current, and past travel history — narrowing in on hotel and city activity — from check-in date to length of stay, cost, and savings.

Having the ability to see where your travelers are frequently staying allows you to understand the type of properties and amenities that are important to them. Additionally, it helps you better understand if your travelers prefer specific hotel brands and if they want to earn rewards points where they choose to stay.

Travel reporting

City reports give you the ability to gather data around average nightly rates, which helps you project travel expenses for upcoming jobs in a specific city and allocating expenses when bidding on projects.

How easy would it be if you could manipulate your company’s hotel data? We’ve got you covered there too! Our All Bookings Report gives you a broad overview of your company’s booking patterns and allows you to sort and filter with no limitations — you can even export all the information you need.

For example: If you were asked to pull a yearly report on a department’s travel habits to show their total hotel spend, savings, the average length of stay, and nightly rate, the All Bookings Report would easily provide all of that information at the click of a button.

Custom fields

Businesses can add custom fields to their company account that allow users to customize the reporting and data they track for each booking. Custom fields help streamline the billing, budgeting, and tracking processes and allow companies to better track lodging activity and spend across users, departments, jobs, and more.

Let’s say your Accounting team spends hours reconciling folios, trying to match which stay goes with which job. Adding a custom field, such as “job code” or “job name” will make your Accounting team’s job much easier and give them valuable hours back in their day.

The capability to build and customize your Hotel Engine company account gives you full control over your company’s lodging program to manage and track bookings down to the cent.

Click here to learn more about how Hotel Engine can help your company save time and money managing hotels for business travel.

If you're already a Hotel Engine member, log in to your account and check out these features for yourself!


This article was written by Kelleigh Doyle, National Account Executive at Hotel Engine.

Audrey Fairbrother
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Audrey Fairbrother
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